Schools in Qatar

Doha is home to a large number of international schools that provide high standards of education. Many curricula are offered with American, International (IB), British, French, German, Indian and Japan as examples. The schools usually offer bus transportation to and from the site. In most cases, there are activities that children can engage in after classes, including music, theater, sports or debating clubs.

Because of the growth in the expatriate population in Doha, the demand for seats is quite significant. Many schools are operating at or over capacity, and acceptance generally depends on the availability in particular grade levels. In some cases, the school of choice is not available, or entrance requires a wait of 6 months or a year.

Employees may be eligible for education assistance for dependent children who have been relocated to Qatar. There are some important considerations; such as location and age/grade offered, that you may want to think about when making decisions on your children’s education in Doha. If you are coming on a visit to Doha, take the opportunity to schedule school tours. Some schools would be open to arranging a Skype call to walk you through their offerings. You are encouraged to consult a list of schools mostly used by expatriates (see below list of Nurseries and Schools).For additional information please contact The Office of Human Resources.


List of Nurseries and Schools

You are welcome to consult our list of nurseries and schools used most frequently by expatriates in Doha (the list can be found here). The schools are arranged according to language of instruction/curriculum.