1. New Hire Forms and Documents

Below is a list of documents necessary to complete the hiring process at GU-Q. The documents should be submitted using the link below or in person by visiting the HR Department. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Non-U.S. Taxpayers

Employees who do not have a tax obligation to the U.S. must provide the following documents:

U.S. Taxpayers

Employees who are U.S. taxpayers must provide the following documents:

US Taxpayers must also complete one of the following tax forms, depending on their state of residence: 

Employees residing in Virginia, Maryland, or the District of Columbia should submit the corresponding withholding form. Employees residing elsewhere should use the D-4A Certificate of Non Residence in D.C. form.

2. Medical Forms

3. Payroll and Tax Forms

4. Other Forms

*Please note that GU-Q is able to deposit salary into U.S. and Qatar banks only. GU-Q Human Resources can assist in setting up a local bank account. This must be done after the employee has relocated to Doha. Employees with a U.S.-based banking account may opt to have all or part of their salary deposited into either the Qatari-based or U.S.-based bank account.