MUN 2012

MUN Committees and Topics 2012

2012 Theme: The Arab Awakening

Head of Student Staff: Marlene NangSecretary General: Will ChaDeputy Secretary Generals: Mohammad Khalil Harb and Farah Al Qwasmi

1. United Nations Security Council (SC)

President: Al Jazi Al Thani (contactVice President: Loukas KyprianouRapporteur: Jihad HassanChief Administrative Staff: Bilal ShakirTopics:

  • Standards for Intervention
  • Palestinian Statehood

2. United Nations Human Rights Commission (HRC)

President: Will Cha (contactVice President: Maram Al DafaRapporteur: Fahad Al KhaterChief Administrative Staff: Dalia El Sayed​Topics:

  • Rights of Indigenous People and the Right to Self-Determination
  • Human Rights Issues in China, with special regards to Tibet

3. United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

President: Eilin Francis (contact)Vice President: Danah DehdaryRapporteur: Emir HasanovijkChief Administrative Staff: Talal Al-NaamaTopics:

  • Debt Crisis – Austerity Measures: Europe and the Rest of the World
  • Imposition of Free Trade Agreements

4. United Nations Special Political and Decolonization Committee (SPECPOL)

President: Sara Al Mesnad (contactVice President: Mohamad Khalil HarbRapporteur: Omar HashemChief Administrative Staff: Haya Al Romaihi​Topics:

Please note that these two topics are together in one guide.

  • International Cooperation of Peaceful Utilization of Outer space (Prevention of Cyber Warfare)
  • UN Blue Helmets – Effectiveness and Possibility of Permanent Residence

5. African Union (AU)

President: Mohammed Al-Nasr (contactVice President: Mashael Al HajriRapporteur: Arwa El SanosiChief Administrative Staff: Mak Selimovic​Topics:

  • Problem of Famine
  • State Building – South Sudan

6. Arab League (AL)

President: Al Jawhara Al Thani (contactVice President: Shady AbdelhamidRapporteur: Ali BuainainChief Administrative Staff: Sabah Khandar​Topics:

  • Solving the crisis of and potential state building after the Arab Spring
  • Human Rights of Migrant Workers

7. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

President: Safiullah Taye (contactVice President: Emilio OcampoRapporteur: Gabriella ZoiaChief Administrative Staff: Sara SaeedTopics:

  • Phasing out Nuclear Energy
  • Using nuclear techniques to solve key water issues

8. International Court of Justice (ICJ)

President: Fatema Hubail (contactVice President: Caroline Abi-SalehRapporteur: Farah MallahChief Justice: Mariam Bengali


  • Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua (Nicaragua v. United States of America) (1984)
  • Questions of Interpretation and Application of the 1971 Montreal Convention arising from the Aerial Incident at Lockerbie (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya v. United Kingdom) (1992)
  • ICJ Background Guide
  • A Guide to the ICJ

9. Press Committee

President: Noora Al Mannai (ContactVice President: Nikhil Lakhanpal