MUN 2014

Theme: Shifting Power Dynamics in a Globalized World

Secretary General: Mohamad Khalil Harb (2014) (Contact)Deputy Secretary General: Maram Al Dafa (2015) 

Small Forums

1. UN Security

President: Hessa Al-Noaimi (2016) (Contact)Vice President: Thana El-Sallabi (2017)


  • Standards for Intervention, Conflict in Northern Mali
  • The Situation in Syria

2. General Assembly, Joint Crisis Committee

President: Khadija Mahsud (2014) (Contact)Vice President: Mohammad Taimur Ali Ahmad (2017)


  • Lebanese Civil War & Taif Accords
  • Khmer Rouge Takeover of Cambodia & Crimes Against Humanity

3. Advisory Panel on Sectarian Violence

President: Nadia Al Khater (2016) (Contact)Vice President: Eman Thowfeek (2016)


  • Sectarian Violence in Iraq
  • Sectarian Violence in Burma

4. The Arab League

President:  Haya Al Romaihi (2015) (Contact)Vice President: Burhan Mahmoud (2016)


  • Rise of Islamism in the Arab League States
  • State-building in the Arab League States

5. The European Union Council of Ministers

President: Saumya Iyer (2016) (Contact)Vice President: Khawaja Ahmed (2017)


  • Immigration in the EU
  • Economic Crisis in the EU

6. Press Team

President: Natalie Diong (2015) (Contact)Vice President: Sara Al Ahmad (2015)

**Press Guide**

Large Forums

1. UN Economic and Social Committee

President: Omar Hashem (2015) (Contact)Vice President: Jehan Saleh (2016)


  • The Situation of Syrian Refugees
  • Global Migration

2. UN Special Political and Decolonization Committee

President: Asli Altinisik (2016) (Contact)Vice President: Ibrahim Al Rajhi (2016)


  • The Situation of Western Sahara and Morocco
  • Shia Movements in the Middle East

3. UN Social and Humanitarian Committee

President: Yoonsuk Choi (2016) (Contact)Vice President:  Nadine Abdullat (2016)


  • North/South Divisions
  • Women in Politics

4. Un Social and Humanitarian Committee

President: Maram Al-Dafa (2015) (Contact)Vice President: Sara Al-Mesnad (2014)


  • LGBT Rights
  • The Implications of Humanitarian Aid