MUN 2016

Theme: Contested Boundaries: Redefining Authority

Secretary General: Hissa Al-Noaimi (SFS-Q’ 16)

Deputy Secretary General: Burhan Mahmoud (SFS-Q’16)

You can access our Rules & Procedures Guide 2016.

Small Forums:

1. UN Security Council:

2. Special (Futuristic Committee): 

3. Advisory Panel to the European Union:

4.  Disarmament and International Security Committee:

5. Press Team:

The Press Team does not have governing topics. The press committee this year will utilize various forms of social media and video-technology in order to mimic a world in which press coverage is migrating to mainly an online platform.

Large Forums

6. UN Economic and Social Committee:

7. UN Special Political & Decolonization Committee: 

8. United Nations Human Rights Committee:

9. United Nations Environment Programme:

10. Crime & Punishment Committee:

Please note that the background guides are a mere starting point for research and are not the final and sole opinion on the topic. Students are expected to perform further research prior to the conference.