QF Financial Aid


QF Loan (Qatar Foundation Financial Aid Program)

QF provides need-based financial aid to Georgetown University in Qatar students in the form of zero interest loans. Loans may cover expenses such as tuition, fees, and study abroad. Housing may be covered in exceptional or unusual circumstances. Qatar Foundation loans don't cover charges on a student's account (i.e. flights and meals). Awards are made for one year; reapplication is necessary annually. Please note that QF will consider all scholarship amounts as income in making financial aid (loan) awards.

There are two options for repayment of QF loans after graduation:

  • Standard Repayment: Under standard repayment, students can choose to commit to paying 15% of their monthly salary until the total of their loan has been repaid.
  • Paid Service: With paid service, students have the opportunity to stay in Qatar after graduation and work at one of the many QF approved organizations for a period of one to six years, depending on the amount of loan borrowed.  During this time, students will receive debt forgiveness (calculated monthly) in addition to any salary and compensation packages. 

Students can choose a combination of both repayment options. Specific questions should be directed to the Financial Aid Office here.

Students should go to FAS to register their account and begin the application process.  We recommend that students complete these applications well before any stated deadlines, and follow up carefully with the financial aid office in order to ensure a complete application and a timely response.

Check out our tips for applying for financial aid.


QF Student Fund Scholarship

The QF student fund scholarship program is designed to target academic excellence. A limited number of scholarships are available; selection is not guaranteed. Eligibility is based on meeting the following criteria:

  • Full-time student who has completed one year of study at their branch campus (Georgetown University in Qatar)
  • Outstanding academic qualification with minimum overall GPA 3.6
  • At least two letters of recommendation from a professor and an academic dean
  • Renewal is subject to maintaining a minimum overall university GPA of 3.6

Student Fund scholarship award covers tuition and textbooks cost only.
This scholarship will complement any partial scholarship including any scholarship awarded by Georgetown University in Qatar. This scholarship may be awarded to students in any of the following years: sophomore, junior, senior.

More information may be found at the QF website.