Alumni Spotlight: Brittany Collins

Brittany Collins, Class of 2010, IPOL

Account Executive, Cambridge Global Advisors

What was your most memorable experience at Georgetown University in Qatar?

My most memorable experience at Georgetown was being in smaller classes with a culturally and religiously diverse cohort. The friendships I made with men and women from different countries around the world has had a profound impact on me and greatly enriched my life. There were many late night discussions about Middle Eastern history, culture, and religion that I would have never experienced had I not attended Georgetown SFS-Q.

Give us a sense of the type of work you typically do during the course of day.

In my current position as an account executive with Cambridge Global Advisors, I work with public and private sector clients to conduct cyber audits, workforce development and recruitment, and network mapping and defense. As a consultant, my job can vary significantly on any given day, but I love the challenge of working with dynamic projects and a broad range of clients. 

What skills are needed in the current work environment?

Even though it might be difficult to believe, communication and team work are still much needed skills in the vast majority of workplaces. Studying in a multicultural environment like Georgetown taught me a great deal about interacting with people and the art of diplomacy, which has been invaluable throughout my career. 

What is the best career advice you received?

Be on time. Work hard. Spell check. Under promise and over deliver. Triage.

What advice would you offer to graduating Hoyas?

Success is not linear; sometimes your path is not always clear, but recognize that there are many different roads you can take to achieve your goals. Sometimes the unique way is longer, but you will end up at your goal with a unique set of experiences that no one else has because you took a different route. That is very powerful and will help you in the long run, so be creative if your first option is not immediately available.

How did Georgetown influence your career path?

Deciding to attend Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar was one of the best decisions I made as a young adult. The professors, faculty, and my classmates have all have great impacts on my life and many of these relationships have developed into lifelong friendships. I also feel that studying in Qatar was an important experience for me as an American, and it has given me a deep love and respect for Middle Eastern culture, language, and religion.