Ambassador Dimitri Alexandrakis


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Ambassador Dimitri Alexandrakis


Ambassador Dimitri Alexandrakis has 42 years of experience as a Greek diplomat, working in many countries and international organizations across four continents.

As Ambassador, he served in the Islamic Republic of Iran (2017-2022) during a period of heightened tensions with the West and the covid pandemic. Upon his recommendation, Greece was one of the first countries to donate, on humanitarian grounds, vaccines to the Iranian Red Crescent.

As Ambassador to the Federative Republic of Brazil (2009-2015), he dealt with a wide range of issues during a time when Brazil was booming, while Greece was facing a financial crisis. This included fields like commerce, shipping, culture, but also actively following Brazil’s many international initiatives as a member of the G-20, BRICS, etc. During the first six months of 2014, he ran the local Greek Presidency of the European Union. He also oversaw arrangements for the safety and well-being of Greek fans during the FIFA World Cup in 2014. When in Brazil, he was also accredited to Suriname.

When serving in Zimbabwe (2005-2007), Ambassador Alexandrakis was also accredited to Zambia and Malawi. Upon his initiatives, Greece donated development assistance to all three countries in areas such as AIDS, clinics, and refugee camps.

At the UN, he served as Deputy Permanent Representative (2007-2009), overseeing the Greek mission’s work in all UN committees, the General Assembly and concerning the activities of the Security Council. He also has extensive experience in the security field, having served as Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Head of the Crisis Management Unit, and at the Greek Delegation at NATO. 

While serving in the Foreign Ministry in Athens, he has been, among other assignments, Director for North America, Director for Cultural and Educational Affairs and Deputy Director for Southeast Europe. He has also served at the Greek Embassies in Ankara, London, Oslo and Seoul.

Ambassador Alexandrakis is very proud to have earned both his degrees at Georgetown University: BSc (magna cum laude) at the School of Foreign Service (1978) and MA in Government at the College of Arts and Sciences (1979).

Apart from his native Greek, he speaks English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Farsi (Persian) and German.

Ambassador Alexandrakis has been awarded the following decorations: the Grand Commander of the Order of the Phoenix of the Hellenic Republic and the Grand Commander of the Order of the Southern Cross of the Federative Republic of Brazil.