Experience the World

Academic Trips

Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace

This credit-bearing course focuses on regional conflict management, conflict resolution and the processes that underlie both. The program includes a trip to the region studied in order to contextualize the conflict and see the on-the-ground lived reality of people that experienced or are experiencing the conflict. Previous trips have gone to countries like China, Germany, Japan, Poland, Israel/Palestine, Bosnia, Cyprus, East Timor, Ireland, Rwanda, Cambodia, and South Africa.

Community Engagement Program

In this program, students explore the complexity of social justice in relationship to concepts studied in the classroom by traveling abroad for a service learning experience. By engaging with people from communities around the world, listening to their stories and observing the challenges they face, students learn the importance of making a positive and sustainable difference in the world. Past trips have included Greece, Cambodia, the Philippines, USA, Jordan, Tanzania, Ethiopia, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, and South Africa.

Student Conference and Research Grants

Students can apply for funds to subsidize travel and fees to attend conferences around the world that are relevant to their interest. The two categories of grants available are Student Research Grants and Student Conference Grants.

Student Activity Travel Fund

Students can apply for funding to various conferences, workshops, exhibitions and/or trainings that contribute towards their co-curricular development. The applications are on a rolling basis and very competitive, so it is wise to plan carefully about the event you are planning to attend.

Study Abroad

Georgetown offers the opportunity to study in over 100 programs around the world. All students in good academic standing have the chance to spend semesters abroad starting from junior year. Whether you wish to experience a new culture or go to the Hilltop and get a taste of life at the Washington, D.C. Campus, Georgetown facilitates your desire to study abroad.