At QF, Georgetown Offers Expert Analysis of Upcoming U.S. Elections

2020 Election Event Image

In the lead-up to the U.S. presidential elections, QF partner Georgetown University in Qatar is hosted a public virtual webinar titled “U.S. Election 2020: Outcomes and Implications in an Era of Uncertainty” on November 3, 2020 featuring experts at GU-Q for a critical examination of key election issues impacting America and the world, and to offer implications for the possible outcomes of a pivotal moment in history.

Every presidential election presents an opportunity for a major shift in domestic and foreign policy. However, a contentious administration combined with a current political climate characterized by a growing political divide and the rising role of social media has raised the stakes, both domestically, and internationally. 

The event was moderated by GU-Q Dean Dr. Ahmad Dallal, who said: “In this era of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to share expert perspectives on the local and global impact of the upcoming U.S. elections. Through a thought-provoking examination of the relevant issues,” explained Dean Dallal, “we can better understand what is at stake, and reflect on likely policy changes in the future.” 

The webinar draws together four experts on American history and Government at GU-Q. Professor Clyde Wilcox, the author of more than 30 books and hundreds of articles and book chapters, who shared insights into democratic norms and the rule of law and how they impact and are impacted by the election. Assistant Professor Amanda Garrett, a specialist in comparative and international politics, focused on the implications of migration and ethnic diversity in advanced democracies. 

Assistant Professor Trish Kahle, a scholar in the history of energy, work, and politics in the U.S. and the world, touched on the environmental outcomes of the election. And Professor Anatol Lieven, whose areas of expertise include terrorism and insurgency, contemporary warfare, and U.S. and Western strategy, explained how the election affects the U.S. Constitution, the future of America, and global politics.

Watch the full video here: