Book cover of Toward an Assumed Point: Studies in the poetics of the modern text by Mahmoud al-Ashiri, غلاف كتاب السير نحو نقطة مفترضة: دراسات في شعرية النص المعاصر للكاتب محمود العشيري

Beirut: Arab Institution for Studies and السير نحو نُقْطة مُفْتَرَضَة؛ دراسات في شعرية النص المعاص [Toward an Assumed Point: Studies in the poetics of the modern text

This book is primarily concerned with the question of immortal poetry, meaning what makes a message a technical impact, and therefore it does not penetrate the text to what is outside of buildings except as linguistic structures. It is about reading poetry that you may see differently, reflecting particular concepts about poetry and poetic perception in texts. When the researcher is preoccupied with his poetic aspects, he then asks his knowledge of the cash itself, and then he questions the poetic and aesthetic question through these and the reader.Differences and contrasts, to examine how different vectors to transcend and how adjacent vectors to subtract variation and differentiation. Our poetic study does not believe that the value of what motivates the text to become poetry is necessarily subject to any other offense at all. Total value is required in the text, without each use agreement. Our work has thus focused on producing the text of its poetry. This does not mean derogating from aesthetic value. We're just not letting it go. To rotate in a relative orbit that extends its arms between the creator and the text reader.