GBS Enterprise, Issue 2

Georgetown Business Society Enterprise Magazine Issue 2

The ambitious students of Georgetown University in Qatar’s Business Society are once more bringing the education and business worlds together with the launch of the second issue of their magazine, Enterprise.The theme of this issue is ‘Adaptive and Transformative change.’ Through a variety of articles on the latest business developments and market trends, insights were provided on how the economies in Qatar and the GCC region need to adapt to the changing reality of lower oil prices-namely, through small continuous adaptive changes, as well as big and transformative bubble-breaking changes that have the potential to fundamentally boost the economy.In this context, a key article focused on the rise of the remanufacturing industry in the MENA region, as the direction taken by countries such as Qatar and UAE supports the creation of state-of- the-art industrial parks and educational technical institutes, which could make remanufacturing a rock-solid investment opportunity.The launch of the second issue was celebrated with a public event on April 17th, which was attended by students, faculty and staff, as well as invited guests representing many sectors of Qatar’s business landscape.