Philosophy as Love of Wisdom: Its Relevance to the Contemporary Crisis of Meaning

Patrick Laude - Philosophy as Love of Wisdom

This volume gathers the proceedings of the international conference of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy "Re-learning to be Human for Global Times: Philosophy as Love of Wisdom" held at Georgetown University in Doha in January 2018. Why should one postulate a need to re-learn to be human? Is not “humanness” a given? And if not, how can we define what makes us authentically human? What can philosophy, conceived as a "love of wisdom", teach us about our humanity? Thirteen scholars hailing from five continents address­ these crucial questions. The first part of the book – entitled “Philosophy and Wisdom in Different Traditions” – highlight the diversity of the civilizational answers to these questions while emphasizing comparative approaches. The second part – “Comparative Studies on the Philosophy of Love” – places love at the forefront of the quest for wisdom in a cross-civilizational perspective by delving into the implications of the Greek etymological meaning of philosophy as love of wisdom. The third part, “Socio-Political Challenges,” provides the reader with attempts at articulating lessons that can be drawn from some traditional philosophical teachings with regard to pressing contemporary issues.