Clubs and Organizations

Breast Cancer Fundraising Event

If you are interested in joining some of the following clubs or would like to start one yourself, click here to send us an email.


Al Hilal Club

The objective of Al Hilal is to establish a space for students from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, cultures, and faiths to seek and promote pluralistic understandings and awareness of Islam.


Al Liwan - Qatari Student Association 

Al Liwan's goal is to promote and increase awareness on the GU-Q campus about the language, culture and social heritage of Qatar through creative mediums. Club leaders aim to engage foreigners with Qatari culture through cultural exchange trips, cultural conversations, national film screenings and the club's biggest annual event, the Qatar National Day celebration. 



Amal works to raise awareness, advocate for greater accessibility, and engage various people with the special needs community in Doha. One of their highlights over the past year is an event they held to engage with students from Shafallah. During this day, Amal members involved the Shafallah high school students in various activities, including handpainting and games.


Arts & Culture Society

The Arts and Culture Society's mission is to help students explore the rich culture of thought and art so that we educate the whole person from within. The club is a place where students can come together and share their artistic and cultural discoveries, as well as embark on new ideas.



Brainfood's mission is to create spaces for students to interact with faculty & staff members outside academic settings and to create a friendly atmosphere for students of different classes. Through small group dinners with faculty & staff members, Brainfood has helped to foster an active community of academic engagement outside the classroom.

Debate Club

The SFS-Q Debate Club participates in regular debating competitions throughout Qatar, often receiving local honors. They are the champions of Qatar University Debate League (QUDL) and of the Qatar Nationals. They also put on a biannual Masters Debate at GU-Q.


Film Society

Georgetown Film Society is a social group composed of students dedicated to the promotion of film and movie making at Georgetown through various events, gatherings and competitions. Moreover, it is intended to function as a body engaging with discussion of different aspects of cinema and film. They also put on a variety of film screenings throughout the year.


Georgetown Business Society (GBS)

Georgetown Business Society's (GBS) vision is to enkindle the corporate spirit in every Hoya. GBS aims to equip all Hoyas who wish to join the corporate world, whether by working for an enterprise or by starting up one, with the necessary tools and skills to contribute to it successfully.


Georgetown Investment Association (GIA)


Hoya Empowerment and Learning Program (HELP)

HELP seeks to build a close knit community based on cooperation and understanding, one in which the diverse social and cultural backgrounds are seen as a key to development rather than as a barrier. Through the club's mission HELP seeks to remove all communication barriers by providing the necessary setting in which students can interact with low-income workers and service providers within the Georgetown community.

In addition, one of the key values on which HELP is built is that of social justice. HELP aims to provide the students with the medium through which they can pass on their education, in hopes of giving the service providers the skills needed to advance in their field of work and improve their standard of living. It also fosters the environment in which the service providers can pass on their life experiences onto the students, further expanding the circle of education.

HELP works to achieve its vision by:

  • Removing the communication barriers through two, one-hour long, weekly, English enhancement classes for the service providers at Georgetown, taught by the students and faculty.
  • Providing the workers with the opportunity to voice their opinions inside and outside the classroom through sharing their work and experience with the Georgetown community.
  • Enhancing the computer and financial literacy skills for workers by providing workshops led by students and faculty.
  • Organizing events that involve the community as a whole -service providers, students and faculty members.
  • Expanding the HELP initiatives beyond Georgetown by reaching out to other institutions that seek to implement such a program, sharing experiences and resources.


Hoya Planning Board (HPB)

HPB’s mission is to successfully coordinate and organize student-based events through a unified organization while incorporating Georgetown’s Jesuit Values and Hoya Spirit. HPB is responsible for planning and organizing key annual Georgetown events, including Open Mic Night, Georgetown Day, and International Ball.


Hoya Spirit Club

The Hoya Spirit Club aims to create and sustain a gaming and entertainment culture at Georgetown, while at the same time providing a haven of solitude and stress relief in the Student Lounge. Objectives include making the Student Lounge a center for entertainment and relaxation and organizing sporting socials and events.


Human Rights Club

The Human Rights Club aims to educate and raise awareness in the local community about Human Rights issues. As advocates for the voiceless, the club aims to foster a sustainable welfare culture for Qatar’s workers. Their primary aim to work in conjunction with the Qatari authorities to document, understand and resolve these issues. Their main focus areas include: carrying out casework, raising public awareness, and providing relief in extreme cases.


Performing Arts Club

The Performing Arts Club seeks to get students and staff members of SFS-Q to come together and learn different forms of performing arts while interacting with each other and learning about different cultures. The club includes several different types of performances, including Dabkeh, Bollywood, and Drama. The Performing Arts Club put on a successful production of Medea in Fall 2014.


Photography Club

This group brings together students with a passion for photography and creates a forum for the exchange of ideas, improvement of skills and the effectual display of their work. The Photography Club assisted in the creation of the Jordan Refugee Project Photo exhibition in 2007. In 2009, the club executed photographic shoots at the newly opened Museum of Islamic Art where they took hundreds of shots, followed by a group critiquing session to analyze and fine-tune their work.


South Asian Society

The South Asian Society seeks to create a more engaged, informed and unified South Asian community within SFS-Q. They aim to serve as a platform for discourse and interaction between the South Asian community on a variety of political, social and cultural topics.


Student-Student Dialogue

Culminating from a student experience at the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network Conference, this club works to build relations and share experiences on academic and non-academic content with refugees in various camps in Palestine and Iraq.


Students for Justice in Palestine

The vision behind the Students for Justice in Palestine club is to promote the Palestinian culture to the Georgetown community by dedicating events to themes such as land, diaspora, and struggle. The club does not have any political goals, as it focuses instead on opening up dialogue and sharing the Palestinian culture with the Georgetown community.


Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club's vision is to create a culture of environmental awareness among the students, staff, and faculty of the Georgetown SFS-Q community through events and activities that highlight the necessity of sustainability and the personal choices one can make to be active agent of change. Over the past year they have worked with Facilities Management to have a recycling bin painting event to make aesthetically pleasing bins for recycling at events, and they have put on a screening of the film "Children of Men".


Women's Society and Development Club

The Women's Society and Development Club (WSDC) seeks to explore and enhance understanding of gender-related issues through dialogue, education, and awareness. They hold a very successful annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, which has raised money and awareness about breast cancer.