Facilities Management


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Office of Facilities Management Weekly Updates



To support the Georgetown University Qatar mission and goals by providing efficient, effective facilities services that promote a safe, secure and quality environment for the entirety of the Georgetown University Qatar community

Who is your FM Ambassador?

Dean’s Suite - Clare Wait

Exec Prog/Outreach - Thameena Husain

Communications – Heidi Melkas

Student Affairs including Wellness - Zaubash Shakir

Admissions - Danielle Habana

Students – May Lachin

Academic Affairs & Library– Amanda Look/Mariam Munir

OAS - Sana Amin/Clare Wait

Faculty – Samantha Kibue

HR – Hussein Aldobashi

Finance – Tuskheer Abid

CIRS – Thameena Husain/Karah Dasdemir

UCLQ – Roel Serrano


What is an FM ambassador?

An FM Ambassador works with a particular department to better communicate between Facilities Management and the department. Every department has a designated ambassador.