Pantry Services

Office Assistants


Faculty and staff may take advantage of either self-served beverages available in their departmental pantries or can call an Office Assistant for office delivery. Small meetings within a department will also be covered by the appropriate Office Assistant for service of beverages.

Office Assistants can help with a variety of tasks such as photocopying, laminating, binding, delivery of interoffice mail, and restocking office supplies.

Office Assistant Coverage Area:

  • Tayzon - Ext: 8436: Lower Ground Floor
  • Michael - Ext: 8476: CIRS, Communications, and the Bookstore
  • Grace - Ext: 8345: 1st Floor Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Aravindan - Ext: 8576: Finance and Human Resources
  • Robi - Ext: 8439: Ground Floor Faculty
  • Jayrah - Ext: 8575: Library
  • Stephanie - Ext: 8344: Dean's Office and Admissions
  • Karen - Ext: 8477: Student Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs
  • Rialeza - Ext: 8672 : 2nd Floor

For all events, please book via the Pantry Event form on the FM Help Desk.