Custodial Services

Our large, on-site dedicated team of professionals  (from COMPASS Group) provides custodial cleaning services for the entire university areas. The team undertakes daily and scheduled cleaning activities which run from 0600 hrs to 2200 hrs,  Saturday to Thursday. 


AM Team (0600 hrs -1400 hrs)

Am Cleaning Team


PM Team (1400 hrs - 2200 hrs)

PM Cleaning Team


Cleaning Activities and Schedule ( August 9, 2020, and onwards)

Schedule - We will continue to clean your office twice a week. Offices will only be cleaned in the evenings and over the week-ends.

Waste Collection - The cleaning team will not enter your office on a daily basis to minimize contact with your spaces. Please leave your waste bins outside the door, so that daily trash may be collected without accessing your office space

Clear Desk - Please leave your desk clear at night and on weekends to assist the cleaning team, any papers remaining will be moved for cleaning.

Cleaning Requests - For specific cleaning requests or concerns, please reach us through FM helpdesk or

“We’ve Visited Your Office” - Whenever we enter your office for any cleaning reasons, we will be marking the signs present on your door.

Gloves and Masks Disposal Bins - Please use the closed bins provided for disposing of your masks and gloves - these can be found in exits and central elevator areas, or you can use bins in the bathrooms.

What areas are not covered by cleaning teams?

  • Computers, printers and any other IT equipment
  • Working at height
  • Washing of cutlery and crockery within kitchen areas
  • Cleaning out refrigerators