Office of Facilities Management Weekly Updates

Goodbye and Good Luck to Mariam Munir
We write to share the news that Mariam Munir, our Building Operations Assistant, has returned to Paksitan. Mariam joined GU-Q in August 2019, as a part-time employee and has been handling services related to housekeeping, pest control, waste management, and indoor plants.  During her tenure with GU-Q, she showed a great deal of dedication and proved an important asset for the FM department and GU-Q as a whole. Mariam played an integral role in the successful onboarding of the new cleaning contractor, COMPASS Group and supporting the team through the lockdown.
We thank Mariam Munir for her great service to the GU-Q community and wish her all the best for her future endeavors. While we work on getting temporary arrangement in place, please feel to raise your related requests or concerns to Tuskheer Abid  at and/or .
Photo of Mariam Munir

QF Tram Restarting
The QF tram will be restarting around the VCUQ area from this week, please be vigilant when walking, cycling or driving around Education City.

picture of qf tram

Import of Personal Medicines to Qatar
You are able to import medicine prescriptions from abroad using DHL. View the instructions to follow here carefully. If you have any questions or concerns please contact  
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DHL Update: Changes to Duty Fees
Please be advised that effective immediately duty fees have increased up to QAR 50 (QR 20 bayan fees + QR 30 admin fees) on all inbound personal shipments with a declared value of QAR 3000 or below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact
package and money


Capital Projects Currently In Progress
- Flood prevention works continue with the installation of improved drainage in the Lower Ground Floor smoking area due to be completed by the end of June.This week we will start on the 2nd floor terrace.
- Leak prevention works continue with the VIP entrance area until the end of July - all vehicular access should be through the lower ground floor.
- In LD17 an old storeroom that was split into two to give UCL-Q space when they moved in is being reinstated. This work has started and will be finished by the end of June.
- QF have started planned work to provide improved disabled access to our public toilets as follows: LC18 & LC 19 (Facilities, Lower Ground), 0C08 & 0C09 (on Ground Floor near to Prayer Area), 1A05 & 1A06 (on First Floor near to the Classroom/Seminar room 1A04/1A07 ) and  2A05 & 2A06 (on Second Floor). The work started before Eid and will take approx. 50 days to complete.
- Library Floor Box Upgrades: A planned project to increase the number of floor boxes on the ground floor in the library open spaces and to relocate those in the classroom 0B07 has begun. This involves taking up the existing flooring to install the new boxes and then a new carpet will be installed. We expect the work to be completed by the end of July 2020.
- UCL-Q Classroom handover is completed and the remainder of segment A and the Library should be handed over soon.
- The conversion of the HR reception area into a dedicated meeting room has started and will continue until mid to late August.
- The works to improve the acoustics in 1B09 the Faculty Conference Room will start this week and are due to be completed by the end of August.
For any comment or query, please contact  

summer projects in progress

Facilities Services Status

The Bookstore is not be operating on-site. We are operating online for departmental purchases only. Inventory catalogues can be found here. For these and any other non-sales activities please contact May at

Building Operations, Closure and Cleaning
We have experienced some significant reductions and changes in manpower as QF has worked to reduce exposure to the community. The result of this is as follows:
  - Due to a reduction in the number of security guards and Qatari authorities guidance, the GU-Q building will now be open for essential personnel from 8am to 4pm on weekdays only. Please advise us on before you come in.
 - We have improved the building access procedures to review each individual’s health risks. This will include requiring building users to wear masks, show their status on the Ehteraz app, temperature checks and answering some questions prior to entry.
  - VIP Entrance Closed. From Saturday 25th April the VIP entrance and visitors parking area will be closed for three months for planned leak repair works. Drop off and pick up services should use the Car Park 1 (underground) entrance. Please note during this work the assembly point and fire exit from segment D will not be available please follow signage for alternative routes. Here is a plan for ease of understanding.
  -   Due to a reduction in the size and timing of the cleaning team, many areas are closed with no cleaning service, these areas are identified with signage. Should you need access to your office in these areas, your access card should work, and please use pantries and toilets in other areas.
  -  24x7 Security presence remains in place. Call 4457-8458 in case of any emergency situation.
  -  Building operations coordinator working hours: From 7:00 am until 6:30 pm, 7 days a week. The on-duty Coordinator can be reached at 5012 5915 or any operational assistance or support. Also, feel free to reach out to us at
  -  Technical assistance is limited to emergency support only for now.

Clear Desk
Please leave your desk clear at night and on weekends for us to deep clean; any papers remaining will be moved for cleaning.

Should you have a business need for a driver, they remain available on an on-call basis. Please raise a ticket or contact Dennis at

The Events newsletter goes out to our community every Sunday. If you have a virtual event you want to advertise, please send details to ensure online events do not clash and audiences are not split, please inform the events team at of any upcoming events you are organizing or in case you wish to organize a webinar. Read more about the steps to be taken here.

Food Services
Global Cafe and Filicori are closed.

The mailroom is now operating from 9am to 12pm Sunday and Wednesday only. For any assistance please contact Bilal at

Office Assistants and Pantries
The Office Assistants have been asked to stay at home in the interest of overall community well-being. Members of the community choosing to work from the GU-Q building are requested to serve themselves. We will ensure the pantries (in the areas that are open) are stocked daily, but we ask that you clean up after yourself to maintain pantry hygiene for all. If you need any further assistance please contact Amanda at

Please take your personal plants home as we cannot guarantee that they will be watered.

Please be advised that as the impact of the COVID-19 situation is progressing, countries have started imposing restrictions that impact mailing services. These restrictions can cause delays to mail and shipments. As we become aware of any delays specific to individual shipments, we will communicate them to you. In the meantime, try to plan in advance where possible and ensure there is plenty of time for shipments to arrive. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bilal Habib at

Student Shuttle
The QF shuttle continues to be available. There will be one bus as a standby in front of each dorm and other services for (recreation centre and Lulu shuttle). For any additional transportation requirements please contact the operation office on # 4454 1105 or Hotline #70335800.

The following services are no longer available:
Car Wash
Employee Shuttle
Global Cafe
Pressto Laundry
QF Tram
Student Shuttle

FM Policy of the Month for June 2020: Building Entry Health Check
All people entering the building are now asked to wear masks at all times, unless in their office alone with the door closed.
All are asked to show their Ehteraz app status, submit a forehead temperature check and to answer questions as follows:
-  Have you knowingly been in contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19?
-  Have you been feeling unwell?
Anything other than a green Ehteraz App status, a temperature of over 38 degrees centigrade or the answer yes to the above questions means access is denied to the building.
If access is denied the individual is told to contact their HR team immediately.
blurred photo of forehead temp check

Safety and Security Award Winners for January 2020 
Roberto Manuel, Security – Elevator Entrapment, 
Sandra Alituhuna, Cleaning – Lost and Found
Subash Neupane, Cleaning – Lost and Found
Valence Tumuramye, Cleaning – Lost and Found

safety and security award winners

If you want to nominate a service provider for going above and beyond please email us on

Tip of the Week: National Address Deadline coming up.
 Please be reminded that all legal residents (age 18 and above), including citizens, expatriates and domestic workers, are required to register their national (home) address in Qatar by July 26, 2020. Failure to submit the required data could attract a fine of up to QR10,000.
More information regarding the law can be found here
The instructions on how to register can be found here.
There is a relaxation in place for citizens and residents, who are abroad for education and treatment, with regard to the National Address registration. See details here.
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