Office of Facilities Management Weekly Updates

Student Parking 
An on-site parking trial for students started on Sunday, 27th September.  We will review how it goes after two weeks and if we are able to maintain the capacity and there are no issues, we will extend this arrangement for the remainder of the semester.
 - From Sunday, 27th September to Thursday, 8th October, students coming into the building may park in the underground car park (Car Park 1).
 - The Car Park 1 pedestrian entrance is only open from 7:30am to 4:00pm, anyone parking after 4:00pm must walk around the corner and enter the building through the loading dock. 
 - All cars must be removed by 5:30pm or immediately after class, if you have a late class.
 - At all entrances students should continue to show their building access pass or semester pass, Ehteraz and Campus Clear apps.

If you have any questions please contact us on

Car Park 1 Sticker blue on white

Bookstore Change of Hours 
Starting Sunday, September 27, 2020 the bookstore operating hours will be changing for the remainder of the semester. The bookstore will continue to be open, by appointment, for the following limited hours.
- Sunday between 2.00 pm and 5.00 pm 
- Monday to Thursday between 11.00 am to 3.00 pm 
Please feel free to book an appointment to visit the bookstore through this link.

Picture of the bookstore office supplies display

Global Cafe Offering Limited A La Carte Menu as of September 29, 2020
The GU-Q Cafeteria, Global Cafe, will be rolling out a limited a la carte menu starting on Tuesday, September 29 for both breakfast and lunch in an effort to expand their menu offerings. The a la carte menu options can be found here. A la carte orders can be placed in person at the cafeteria or you can call ahead to make an order by calling 4457-8376 or 7070-0426. A la carte pickups must take place at the cafeteria at the time agreed.
Global Cafe logo, world, Qatari Flag, Pan

Filicori Closing Permanently as of October 1, 2020
Filicori Cafe will unfortunately be closing its branch at Georgetown on October 1, 2020. We will work with QF to find an alternative supplier, however, this is likely not to happen until our capacity is back to 100% as until then it is not financially viable for a new vendor to open. In the meantime we will work with Global Cafe to try and fill the gap with additional offerings and when possible bring in some pop up solutions. If you have questions or suggestions for a replacement cafe, please contact Amanda at
Filicori Logo

E-Waste Collection Next Week
QF are arranging to pick up all of our e-waste next week so a reminder to bring in what you have before the end of this week (1st October is the last day). 
- -Acceptable items include: computers and their accessories, televisions, scanners & printers, AV equipment, microwaves, and mobile & landline phones.
 - Personal electronics are accepted!
 - No items with a QF barcode should be included.
 - Items not accepted: Air-conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and fluorescent lamps.
 - You can bring your items to the Car Park 1 drop box, the FM suite, or contact
poster advertising e-waste drop off

Vendors for Community Fair 2.0
We are now accepting vendor suggestions from the community for the first community event of the season: Community Fair 2.0
Which companies have eased your life during covid-19 restrictions? 
Delivery services, online services and vendors for odd jobs, such as E-Butler are welcomed!
Please send nominations to

Poster advertising the opportunity to recommend a supplier for the community fair

Reminder: Student Access to the Building from 20th September 2020
Form Sunday, September 20, students are able to attend in-person/hybrid classes and to pre-book times to visit the GU-Q building for meetings, library visits, or other necessary appointments. Due to government regulations, only a limited number of students are allowed in the building at a time. Therefore an access system has been created to accommodate two kinds of needs:

1) "Semester passes" have been provided to students who indicated that they wish to attend in-person/hybrid classes. These passes were created based on student lists received from the faculty teaching those courses, and sent to students via email. If you think you should have a semester pass and have not received it please contact us on
2) Students who wish to visit the building for other purposes can reserve a half day building access pass using an online booking system. An email explaining the needed steps was sent to students last week. Booking for each date and time opens 48hrs in advance.

In case of any questions, please contact
Welcome Back Hoyas Poster


We look forward to welcoming you back to the GU-Q Building, as we start to return to campus over the coming weeks, we wanted to share with you the status of the FM provided services, as of Sunday 9th August. In addition, below, we have provided an update on the works that have been done and are still ongoing in the building since March.

The ATM is operational. A hand sanitizer dispenser is located near the ATM. Customers are encouraged to sanitize before and after handling cash. Physical distancing stickers are placed at the ATM for queuing. For any issues or concerns please contact May Lachin at 

The Bookstore is operating 2:00PM to 5:00PM on Sunday and from 11.00 AM till 3.00 PM  from Monday to Thursday, through an appointment system. Appointments can be done through the following link. Bookstore access will only be limited to individual sales. Departmental sales will remain online and any orders should be emailed to 

  • A maximum of 2 customers will be allowed in the bookstore at the same time.
  • Customers are required to use hand sanitizer provided at the entrance of the bookstore before touching items.
  • All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are permitted. However, customers will be allowed to try on apparel over their clothes before purchasing if needed.
  • PPE will also be available for sale at the bookstore. 

Building Operations and Access

  • As well as the implementation of measures for your safety,  we have also experienced significant reductions and changes in security guards in the building leading to some access changes as detailed below.
  • From August 9 and until further notice, the access to GU-Q building will be from Sunday-Thursday, 7:00 am-6:00 pm. Faculty who teach classes that run past the end of these hours – ending at either 6:45 pm or 8:00 pm – can be in the building on weekdays until their class session is over.
  • To ensure the health and safety of the entire community, and to minimize the density of people in the building, the evenings and weekends will be dedicated to cleaning, maintenance and project related works.
  • Operational Entrances: VIP Entrance, Car Park 1 and Loading Dock. Please note due to reduced security guard numbers the Car Park 1 (underground car park entrance) closes at 4pm, if you park underground you can follow the signs and walk round to the loading dock for building access.
  • Closed Entrances (until further notice): Main Entrance and Car Park 2 (through lower ground floor smoking area).
  • Please don’t forget to bring your GUID card and the office key while coming to the building. Due to the shortage of security guards, we can not assure timely service for the office opening requests.
  • All community members are asked to swipe their GUID card to gain entry into the building via the glass door to assist with contact tracing.
  • In line with COVID-19 precautionary guidelines, we have amended the building access areas with directional floor markings and social distancing stickers/notices, so please be guided accordingly when coming to the building.
  • The entry procedure requires building users to wear masks (purpose made, no vents), show their EHTERAZ app, temperature checks and show campus clear app or answer some questions prior to entry.
  • Due to on-going repairs on the basement ramp, please pay close attention to the signs and the flagman signals while entering and exiting from the basement ramp. Only one side of the ramp is accessible during this work.
  • QF have at this stage closed Gate 3 at the back of Al Shaqab and the men's dorms; we will notify the community if this changes.
  • The access through the basement parking staircase to the faculty suite will not be available until further notice.
  • Floor access through Segment D staircases will not be available until further notice.  
  • No personal food delivery is allowed at GU-Q building.
  • 24x7 Security presence remains in place. Call 4457-8458 in case of any emergency situation.
  • We have increased the speed of the air flow in the building in order to increase fresh air provision, all thermostats will be set at 21 to enable this, please wrap up if it feels cold.
  • Building operations coordinator working hours: From 6:00 am until 10 pm, 7 days a week. The on-duty Coordinator can be reached at 5012 5915 for any operational assistance or support. Also, feel free to reach out to us on the FM helpdesk or at 

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Schedule - We will continue to clean your office twice a week. Offices will only be cleaned in the evenings and over the week-ends.
  • Waste Collection - The cleaning team will not enter your office on a daily basis to minimise contact with your spaces. Please leave your waste bins outside the door, so that daily trash may be collected without accessing your office space
  • Clear Desk - Please leave your desk clear at night and on weekends to assist the cleaning team, any papers remaining will be moved for cleaning.
  • Sanitising gel spills may cause discoloration on your desk - They may leave permanent marks on your office workspace, particularly if left for some time. Be cautious when using sanitising gel (either your own, or the one provided through Georgetown) and wipe away any spills immediately with a tissue.
  • Cleaning Requests - For specific cleaning requests or concerns, please reach us through FM helpdesk or
  • “We’ve Visited Your Office” - Whenever we enter your office for any cleaning or maintenance reasons, we will be marking the signs present on your door.

sign for office doors

  • Gloves and Masks Disposal Bins - Please use the closed bins provided for disposing of your masks and gloves - these can be found in exits and central elevator areas, or you can use bins in the bathrooms.


bin 1bin 2

Emergency Evacuation 
In an emergency, ignore all one-way systems and evacuate using the nearest emergency exit. Please ensure your face mask is on and maintain physical distancing at the assembly points.

To ensure online events do not clash and audiences are not split, please inform the events team of any upcoming events you are organizing or in case you wish to organize a webinar. In addition the Events newsletter goes out to our community every Sunday. If you have a virtual event you want to schedule and advertise please raise a ticket using the new online events helpdesk template

Food Services

  • Filicori Cafe will reopen on August 9.
  • Global Cafe will reopen on September 1, more details of the offering and logistics for Global Cafe will be shared at the end of August. 
  • The Vending machines selling snacks and hot drinks are stocked and available for use. The orange juice machine will be restocked from September 1.


  • The mailroom is operating daily from 11.00 AM to 2.00 PM. Customers will still receive email notification for any incoming mail and will be provided options to collect their mail or have their business mail delivered to their addresses. Any on site interactions will be made through the mailroom window as customers will not be allowed to enter the mail room.
  • With regard to the COVID19 impact on shipping, while some countries have started resuming normal operations we might still anticipate delays to mail and shipments. As we become aware of any delays specific to individual shipments, we will communicate them to you. In the meantime, try to plan in advance where possible and ensure there is plenty of time for shipments to arrive. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Bilal Habib at

Pantry Services

Office Assistants

  • The Office Assistants will return to work on August 9.
  • Office Assistants are the only people who should be in pantries between 7:00am - 4:00pm.
  • They will continue to make and deliver drinks as well as deliver your mail, they will not be able to assist with printing, copying or binding.
  • If you have something to store in the refrigerator, please give the item to the Office Assistant to store it and they will return it to you just before they leave for the day (items should not be kept overnight in the refrigerator).
  • Please bring in your own mug, water bottle and any other crockery or cutlery for your own use.

Pantry Consumables

  • In an effort to reduce costs we have eliminated a few pantry items based on usage over the last few years. These include:
    • Skimmed and evaporated milk (alternative milk products still available will be low fat and full fat milk)
    • Club soda (alternative is water, coffee, tea)
    • Green tea and mint tea (alternative tea options are Lipton tea and PG Tips decaf tea)
    • Sweet & Low sweetener (alternative is sugar)
  • Please note that these items will no longer be available once current stock is used up.
  • You are welcome to bring in your preferred milk, soft drink, tea, or sweetener and ask your Office Assistant to use your personal stock if that is your preference. 



Employee Shuttle

  • The GU-Q employee shuttle schedule for Fall can be found here
  • Note that all employee shuttle riders are required to book a seat on the shuttle in advance, book by 3pm the day before you intend to ride; the month of September is now available for booking here. This sheet has multiple tabs for the various shuttle routes.
  • For the safety measures in place please see the details on the Return to Campus website.

Student Shuttle

  • The GU-Q student shuttle will resume on August 9. This on-call service is only available during the following days and times:
  • Sunday - Thursday: 5:00 P.M. - 1:00 A.M. (with two drivers driving at one time)
  • Friday & Saturday: 2:00 P.M. - 2:00 A.M. (with two drivers driving at one time, except for Fridays from 2-8pm, when only one shuttle will be running at this time)
  • Call 5511-4634 or 5537-2114 to request a ride.

QF Shuttle

  • QF will restart the Shuttle Service for students on Wednesday, September 9. You can view the shuttle schedule and other information here. Please note you can always refer to the transport page on the GU-Q website as well for all student transport information.

As a safety measure, we are aiming to minimize the number of visitors to the GU-Q building. Therefore, faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to hold meetings with external visitors online rather than in person whenever possible. All requests for exceptions should follow this process.

Closed Services
The following services will not be available:

  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • QF Tram
  • Car Wash



Completed Since March 2020:

  • Leakage rectification & prevention works for basement parking, loading dock, VIP entrance area, atrium high ceiling, rooftop and the second-floor spaces
  • Flood prevention and drainage modifications on second floor terraces, EPS balcony and lower ground floor smoking area
  • Disabled access for toilets for LC18 & LC19 (Facilities, Lower Ground), 0C08 & 0C09 (on Ground Floor near to Prayer Area), 1A05 & 1A06 (on First Floor near to the Classroom/Seminar rooms 1A04/1A07) and 2A05 & 2A06 (on Second Floor). 
  • Additional Floor boxes in Library ground floor and computer classroom 0B07 together with carpet replacement.
  • Carpet replacement for common corridors in the entire building.
  • UCL-Q Classroom handover including the remainder of the segment A and the Library.
  • Modification of LD17 wash-down area for GU-Q storage needs.
  • Deep cleaning for all the offices and the high access cleaning in the atrium.  
  • Illuminated fire exit signage improvements have been made.


Completed Since March 2020:

  • Leakage rectification & prevention work for basement parking, loading dock, VIP entrance area, atrium high ceiling, rooftop, and the second-floor spaces. 
  • Flood prevention and drainage modifications on second-floor terraces, EPS balcony, and lower ground floor smoking area,  and the CIRS courtyard.   
  • Disabled access for toilets for LC18 & LC19 (Facilities, Lower Ground), 0C08 & 0C09 (on Ground Floor near to Prayer Area), 1A05 & 1A06 (on First Floor near to the Classroom/Seminar rooms 1A04/1A07) and 2A05 & 2A06 (on Second Floor). 
  • Additional Floor boxes in the Library ground floor and computer classroom 0B07 together with carpet replacement.
  • Carpet replacement for common corridors in the entire building. 
  • UCL-Q Classroom handover including the remainder of the segment A and the Library.
  • Modification of LD17 wash-down area for GU-Q storage needs.
  • Deep cleaning for all the offices and the high access cleaning in the atrium.  
  • Illuminated fire exit signage improvements and related necessary works for QCD recertification.
  • The replanting of the shrubs and trees in the VIP entrance and parking area.
  • Summer painting and repair work for several areas in the building . 
  • High access cleaning for external areas of the building. 
  • Car park ramp repairs.

Currently In Progress:

  • The conversion of the HR reception area into a dedicated meeting room and will continue until the end of September.
  • Acoustic improvements in 1D02 are oongoing (the Faculty Conference Room) and are due to be completed by September 10.
  • Fit-out of the EPE space to become an office suite work has already started and will continue until the end of the year. Note: the EPE team has moved to the second-floor segment A above HR.

 Projects expected start in September 2020 and beyond:

  • Backsplash and counter replacement for several pantry areas. expected start date: September 10
  • Walkway external lighting from GU-Q to CIS parking. expected start date: September 9
  • Air conditioning modification for Library Technical offices.
  • Connecting Auditorium with back-up power supply for shelter in place requirements. 
  • Door modification works throughout the building to improve safety and security.

Highly Commended - May 2020
The female cleaning team who covered while the male team were in lockdown. Sandra Alitujuna, Sarah Kemigisha, Sophia Bekunda Kansiime, Mercy Namujuzi, Sylivia Nandawula, Soni Paudel, Krishna Kumari Dhakal, Rita Kumari Gole, Birungi Rose, Brenda Muhekhi.
picture of cleaners nominated

If you want to nominate a service provider for going above and beyond please email us on

Policy of the Month  for September 2020: Online Events Booking Process
Online Events can now be easily booked through the events team who will assist with scheduling, advertising, webinars and invitations. You can find the process here and the link to book an event here. The process is also easily explained on this handy video.
online events slide

Transport Schedule

FM Helpdesk