Hoya Leadership Pathway

Community Education Program
NSO Leaders 2016
New Student Orientation Leaders
Model United Nations
ESCAPE Retreat
ESCAPE Retreat
QF Annual Research Conference
Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace
Georgetown DC
Study Abroad
LeaderShape Conference
Women's Basketball Team
Women's Basketball Team
A new co-curricular framework that encourages and recognizes student engagement and leadership.

What is Hoya Leadership Pathway?

  • The Pathway focuses on students’ experiential learning through their participation in various Georgetown and community programs and activities.
  • Through engagement and reflection, students will be able to articulate the leadership competencies they have learned. 
  • Students can reach Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold level throughout their years at Georgetown. 
  • The program is designed for students to build upon their experiences and skills to achieve ascending levels over multiple semesters.


How does it work?  

Create your own leadership co-curricular experience by engaging in any of the following programs and activities:

  • Campus programs such as student clubs, leadership retreats, athletics, Zones, CEP and Model U.N.    
  • Academic Affairs sponsored programs such as International Crisis Simulation, Honor Council and Mock Trial
  • Academic/non-academic Internships and student employment
  • Long-term Volunteering
  • Study abroad in D.C. or elsewhere globally
  • Select external programs such as WISE Learner and research fellowships


Why choose to participate?

  • Develop important leadership skills such as communication, self-initiative, creative problem solving, facilitation and teamwork.
  • Further your personal growth to become “women and men for others” and make a positive impact in your community through your co-curricular leadership experience.
  • Reach Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold level and be recognized for your efforts and learning at the award ceremony in April.
  • Create your own leadership development narrative and be able to articulate your skills and competencies during internship/job interviews and for graduate school applications. 


How do I reach Copper, Bronze, Silver or Gold level in the Hoya Leadership Pathway?

  • Attend the introductory session to enroll in the Hoya Leadership Pathway. 
  • Participate in reflection circles and leadership coaching sessions.
  • Download the "checklist & Application Instructions" and the Applications for all levels.  If you are a freshmen or sophomore, please start with Copper or Bronze level.  If you are junior, you can choose to apply for Copper, Bronze or Silver level.  For seniors, you can apply for all levels including the Gold.  
  • Submit your completed application by the March 25 deadline.  

If you have any questions, please see Sandy Kim, the Assistant Director of Student Leadership Development.