Georgetown University in Qatar offers a variety of food services including a cafeteria, a café, and vending machines.

Dining Services Hours

Global Café: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm 

Coffee Shop: Temporarily closed while a new vendor is selected, go to the Global Café for additional offerings.

Vending Machines: 24 hours

Atrium Dining – Global Café

Global Café operates a breakfast, lunch, and afternoon cafeteria service in the Atrium of the Georgetown Building.

Food is available to eat in the cafeteria dining area or may be ordered for take-away. To order in advance call 4457 8376 or 7070 0426

To help discourage waste, there is an additional charge for take-away containers. Patrons who do not wish to pay for the take-away containers but still want to use the take-away service may bring in their own containers from home.

Meal Coupons

Vouchers for are available for purchase at the cafeteria for a charge of QAR 26. They may only be used at the Georgetown cafeteria and are valid for the full buffet which includes soup, salad, main courses, sides, dessert, and a drink.

Note: Although the 26 Riyal combo allows people to go back for seconds, they will not serve refills in take-away containers. The all-you-can eat buffet is intended for an on-site lunch meal.

Vending Machines
Vending Machines

There are three vending machines located across from the library, under the stairs. The machines operate 24 hours a day and offer sodas, bottled water, hot drinks, and snacks. Please note that the machines require QAR 5 or QAR 10 notes. They do not provide change.