Qatar Foundation Education City Shuttle Services for Students

Ramadan 2019 Bus Schedule for the EC Campus shuttle service:

Shuttles will leave from Majlis Al-Shamali (Female Dorms) & Majlis Al-Janoubi (Male Dorms) main entrance during the following times: from 7 AM to 6 PM every 15 minutes. After 6 PM the services will be provided on call basis, including Fridays and Saturdays. Students may call the Transport Operation number 4454-1105 to request a ride. (Please book your transport 15 minutes prior to the time to make necessary arrangements).

Bus Services will be as follows:

Isha & Taraweh prayers at 07:30 PM and return at 09:30 PM
Buses to Recreation Center will be on call off basis from 14:00 hrs. to 23:00 hrs. from Northnest & Southnest, directly to Recreation center
Shopping trip to Lulu Express between 14:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs every hour

Valet Services will be as follows:

QNL – Between 08:00 am to 04:00pm
Multaqa (HBKU) – Between 08:00am to 02:00pm
Bldg -2015 (HQ) – Between 08:00am to 02:00pm

Drivers will not follow instructions from passengers other than strictly follow the routes as indicated. 


  • QF Transport Office 4454-1105
  • Coordinator: T K Ali - 5582-5842
  • Coordinator: Ameer Noor - 6667-7785
  • Coordinator: Hamad Al Sheeb - 5521-2552

See link for details and map.

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GU-Q Shuttle


This on-call service is only available during the following days and times:

Sunday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Friday & Saturday: 10:00 AM - 2:00 AM

Call 5511-4634 or 5537-2114 to request a ride.

Weekday Trip to Gate 3 for Shopping (on-call option)

Weekdays Sunday through Thursday: The shuttle driver will only make two trips per night from the dorms to Gate 3, at 9:30pm and 11:30pm and only if called by a rider requesting this service. Driver will wait for 20 minutes each time to allow students to complete their shopping before returning to campus. This is by on-call service only, so if no one calls the driver to ask to go at 5:00 or 7:00pm to Gate 3, the driver will not come to the dorms.

Trip to Mall on Weekends

Friday - Visit to Mall of Qatar. The driver picks up at male dorms 4:50pm and then female dorms at 5:00pm. Return to the dorms at 9:00pm.
Saturday- Visit to Festival City Mall. The driver picks up at male dorms 4:50pm and then female dorms at 5:00pm. Return to the dorms at 9:00pm.

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Employee Shuttle

Summer Schedule 2019 

Effective June 9,2019- August 15, 2019



Inbound Shuttles (to Education City)

The Pearl

Tower 30 Tower 14 Tower 1 Arrival Bus
6:13 6:19 6:25 7:05 B
7:53 7:59 8:05 8:45 B
9:35 9:41 9:47 10:25 B

Al Waab

Samrya Gardens Arrival Bus
7:00 7:30 C
8:10 8:40 C

West Bay

Rabban Asas Al Seal T44 Al Fardan Arrival Bus
6:16 6:21 XX 6:24 6:30 7:10 A
XX 7:54 7:57 8:00 XX 8:45 A
XX 9:35 XX 9:38 XX 10:20 A

Al Luqta

Barzan 2 Arrival Bus
7:35 7:50 D
8:45 9:00 D

Al Gharafa

ECCH Lot 1 ECCH Lot 2 Arrival Bus
8:15 8:18 8:30 D

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Outbound Shuttles (from Education City)


The Pearl

NU-Q ​GU-Q WCM-Q VCU-Q Arrival Bus
3:40 3:43 3:46 XX 4:27 B
5:15 5:18 5:21 XX 6:00 B












Via West Bay












Barzan 2 

NU-Q ​GU-Q WCM-Q Barzan 2 Bus

Samrya Gardens

NU-Q GU-Q WCM-Q Arrival Bus
3:40 3:43


4:15 C
5:05 5:08 5:11 5:40 C


NU-Q GU-Q WCM-Q Arrival Bus
5:00 5:03 5:06 5:25 D

West Bay

NU-Q ​GU-Q WCM-Q VCU-Q Arrival Bus
3:40 3:43 3:46 3:48 4:28 A
5:15 5:18 5:21 5:21 6:00 A
6:25 6:28 6:31 XX 7:00 D
7:40 7:43 7:46 XX 8:15 C
  • Outbound buses are drop-off only.
  • Buses will only go to stops with passengers on board. Eg - if there are no passengers on board who want to go to Al Rabban, the bus will go straight to ASAS.
  • Please pay attention to the Bus Letter to get on the correct bus. The driver in the morning may be different than the driver in the afternoon.
  • Call Transport Coordinator at 4457-8243 for any shuttle-related issues.


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Taxi Service

Need alternate transportation into town? Careem and Uber are international app-based services operating in Doha.

Strong Rent A Car 7072-6181 is a Georgetown preferred taxi provider.

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Long-term Parking Now Available on 3rd Floor of QNCC

This new measure will free up parking spaces within Education City

Long-term vehicle parking procedure effective immediately

As part of QF HSSE's continuous efforts to provide customers with effective services while ensuring Safety & Security at Qatar Foundation, kindly note that long-term vehicle/s parking in Education City (EC) is allowed at Qatar National Convention Centre (QNCC), on the 3rd floor of the west side. Once the 3rd floor is full, vehicles can be accommodated on the ROOF of QNCC.

Allowing long-term vehicle/s parking aims to minimize and control vehicles which are left by the drivers in EC parking facilities for days. Long-term parking further aims to reduce and health issues caused by vehicles collecting dust, as well as impacts to traffic flow. This step also aims to optimize the use of limited parking spaces available to everyday commuters instead of long staying vehicles.

To ensure safety & security at QF, any vehicle parked within EC parking for more than 24 hours shall result in towing of the vehicle at owners’ expense.

Please share this information with your colleagues and students. Should you need any information or clarification on the long-term vehicle parking procedure, please contact Essa Al-Mannai, Head Security - Events & Traffic Management at


  1. QF or its agents will not be held responsible for any damages borne of the vehicle being long-parked in QF parking facilities;
  2. Utilization of designated long term parking slots is a privilege extend to Qatar Foundation Community members only;
  3. It is understood that the owners availing of this privilege will park their vehicles in the designated parking facilities at their own risk
  4. QF HSSE will provide reasonable security coverage of the parking facility as part of routine inspection and patrol;
  5. QF HSSE will observe any violations of the long term EC parking procedure and record and report the same to the appropriate manager;
  6. QF HSSE will make an attempt to communicate with the vehicle owner or his representatives of the violation and provide guidance for immediate removal of the vehicle in question;
  7. If unsuccessful, the manager concerned will coordinate the removal of the vehicle at the owner’s expense. This move will be recorded by QF-HSSE as a matter of procedure who will ascertain where the vehicle will be taken;
  8. Damages incurred in the course of the towing will not be QF’s responsibility.

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