Student Board

The Georgetown-Qatar MUN Student Board was constituted in Spring 2012. It is responsible for the overall content of the annual high school MUN conference hosted by Georgetown-Qatar. The board decides on the conference theme, topics, committees, and chairs.

Board members are responsible for training both Georgetown and high school students in the procedures of the conference. The schedule of training is set by the board and the 'Local School Training Day' is organized by the board. The board is also in charge of editing and reviewing the background guides.

Within the committees, the board members who chair are responsible for setting the tone and professionalism of the conference. Finally, the board votes on the annual positions of Secretary General and Deputy Secretary General.

MUN Board 2018-2019


Secretary General: Sameera Al-Haj Abed

Sameera AlHaj Abed is a 20 year old Senior at GU-Q who is currently studying International Economics. She is Palestinian but was born and raised in Qatar. Aside from my academics, my passion lies with Make up and it’s one of her favorite hobbies. She is very outgoing and arguably has the loudest laugh in Georgetown. MUN has always been a passion of hers as she believes that within the youth lies the greater change. She believes that this world needs to be a better place hence why having programs such as MUN is essential for students to realize that the sky is the limit.


Deputy Secretary General: Mudassar Raza Shakir

Mudassar is a sophomore at GUQ who has hopes of majoring in International Economics. A person that shares very little detail about his personal life, he is an otaku at heart with a love for MUNs and debating. His main purpose of joining the MUN Society was to spread his love of debates and empower others to make their voices heard. With experience in organizing various events in high school including but not limited to his own school’s Model United Nations, it was only fitting that his interests aligned with his current post as Deputy Secretary-General for Georgetown MUN Society. With an upbeat attitude and child-like charisma, he tries his best to excel at everything he puts his mind to. He is thrilled to be organizing this year's conference. 


Chief of Staff: Fiza Shahzad

Fiza is a sophomore at Georgetown University who is planning on majoring in International Politics. She will be serving as the Chief of Staff for Georgetown MUN 2019. Fiza has been involved in Model United Nations conferences for the past seven years. She believes that MUNs are not only a source of insight into pressing global issues, but also provide delegates a chance to refine their communication and diplomacy skills. Fiza spends the rest of her time working at the Office of Student Development. She has also been an active member of the Honor Council, South Asian Society, and the Student Government Association. 


Chief of Press: Katharine Danilowicz

Katharine is a Senior at Georgetown University in Qatar majoring in International History and will be serving as Chief of Press. She has participated as a staff member in the last three GMUNs, so you may remember her sprinting through your committee sessions. In high school, she acted as a delegate in conferences around Asia, ranging from Taiwan to Doha. In addition to MUN, Katharine is the director of GUQ’s Hoya Empowerment and Learning Program and has traveled to Zanzibar for the Zones of Conflict, Zones of Peace program and then to Greece for the Community Engagement Program.


Chief of Training: Khansa Maria

Khansa Maria is a sophomore at Georgetown aiming to major in international politics. She is the Chief of Training for MUN. Khansa has been a part of MUN for the last 6 years in various capacities. She is very passionate about promoting diversity and inclusion for all regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or disability. She is also involved in debates, Georgetown Business Society and AMAL. She is also a part of the Centre for international and Regional Studies team. Khansa spends her free time, obsessing over Harry Potter and learning to cook new dishes. She joined MUN because she aims to promote inclusion through discourse.


Chief of Training: Fatima Farooqui

Fatima Farooqui is sophomore at Georgetown University and is majoring in International Economics. She was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Qatar to be a part of the prestigious Georgetown community. Debates and MUN has been an important part of Fatima’s academic and co-curricular life from a very young age. She was an active part of the Georgetown Model UN and the Debating Union in her freshman year. She believes that activities like Model UN are essential in order to promote debate and discourse within society as well as ensuring that the youth of today grows up to be informed and productive citizens.


Chief of Communications: Maryam Al-Harthy

Maryam Al-Harthy is a Junior in Georgetown Qatar, Intl Politics major. Maryam participated in Model United Nations for 7 years. She served as a delegate for some of those years and as a chair and now, this year she is serving as the Chief of Communication in Georgetown Model United Nations.