Faculty Authored Books

Alaska's Permanent Fund Divided - book by Karl Widerquist & Michael HowardAnswering the Call - book by Abdullah Al-ArianBasic IncomeBeyond the Arab Spring - Mehran KamravaChristian Responses to Islam in NigeriaExporting the Alaska ModelFrom Religious Empires to Secular States​​​​​​ From the Divine to the HumanThe Gulf Monarchies and Climate ChangeGulf WomenThe Irish NovelIndependence, Propertylessness, and Basic IncomeInsights from the Risale-i NurInternational Conflict over Water Resources in Himalayan AsiaKalaam GamiilMigrant Labour in the Persian GulfThe Modern Middle EastThe Nuclear Option in the Middle EastThe Political Economy of the Persian GulfQatar - Small State, Big PoliticsState-Society Relations in the Arab Gulf StatesSectarian Politics in the Persian GulfTocqueville in ArabiaUnfortunately, It was ParadiseUmm al-DunyaA textbook for Intermediate ArabicArabic textbookLa Question du malPrier Sans Cesse