Supplementary Documents

Some industries or employers require additional materials with your CV. For example:

  • writing samples
  • portfolio of completed projects
  • relevant letters of reference
  • listings of published work or formal presentations
  • official transcripts

For short supplemental documents, follow the same guidelines as for your CV and use the same or similar paper and font style.

For longer documents, letters written on your behalf by someone else, or samples of your work, you do not need to use CV paper or use the same font as in your CV. You will, however, want all documents to be presented as cleanly as possible. If photocopied, be sure the document is neat, centered on the page, and easily legible.



Leave references off the CV and create a separate page that includes the name, title, business address and phone numbers of three to five references. There is no standard format for this page. Just be consistent in the format for each reference listed. Faculty members, former employers, business or community leaders, and people employed in your field of choice make excellent references.

This information is provided as a courtesy of Georgetown University's Career Education Center.