The Events Team offers a one-stop-shop service to help you plan and execute your event at GU-Q. We have an events coordinator on duty every day of the week from 6:00am - 10:00pm. Once you place the event request, we will coordinate with Building Operations, AV, Procurement, Communications, Transportation, and QF on your behalf to ensure hassle-free event planning process.

To start the process, Faculty, Staff, & Students should place an Event Request ticket on the Help Desk. Then the Events Coordinator who will be on duty on the day of the event will contact you for more information.


What is an Event:

An event meets any of the following criteria:

  • Has 50 or more people
  • Has food
  • Is in a public space (auditorium, atrium, Faculty and Staff Lounge, Oxygen Park)
  • Has and external Audience or external speaker.


Event Timelines:

  • Please allow one week advance notice for an event with catering.
  • Please allow at least one month for a public event.
  • Please allow three months for a conference or multi-day event.
  • Student Events are only advertised through Student Life once a week on Thursdays. 
  • Faculty and Staff events are only advertised through the Events Office once a week on Sundays.
  • The more notice that the Events Team has, the better your event will be! 
  • Consult the Planning Calendar or contact the Events Team to look for a date that is not already booked. The planning calendar is found on the Georgetown Google Calendar as Qatar-Plan-Events


Event Services:

Event services are there to share with you the range of options available and help you have a successful event. Our services cover:


The Events team is new and has tried to streamline processes to simplify the end-user experience. We would love to hear from you to know how we are doing, and what we can improve. Please feel free to fill out the Events Feedback Form any time.