Pantry Services

Office Assistants

The GU-Q Office Assistants are available for beverage delivery to your work station between 7:00am – 3:00pm. They are the only people who should be in pantries between 7:00am – 4:00pm. They will make and deliver drinks as well as deliver your mail, but they are not be able to assist with printing, copying or binding. If you have something to store in the refrigerator, please give the item to the Office Assistant to store it and they will return it to you just before they leave for the day (items should not be kept overnight in the refrigerator). Please bring in your own mug, water bottle, and any other crockery or cutlery for your own use.

Office Assistant Coverage Area:

  • Jugesh – Ext: 8436: Lower Ground Floor
  • Ian- Ext: 8476: CIRS, Communications, and the Bookstore
  • Jerrah – Ext: 8345: 1st Floor Faculty and Academic Affairs
  • Aravindan – Ext: 8576: Finance and Human Resources
  • Mohan – Ext: 8439: Ground Floor Faculty
  • Yong – Ext: 8575: Library
  • Kathrine – Ext: 8344: Dean’s Office and Admissions
  • Karen – Ext: 8477: Student Affairs and Office of Academic Affairs
  • Kumar – Ext: 8672 : 2nd Floor