Access Control / GU ID Cards

Access control enabled ID cards are issued to all students, faculty, and staff.  These are locally called GU ID Cards.

GU ID Cards must be carried at all times and are the primary means of identifying and allowing you access to areas within the Qatar Foundation.

You must protect your GU ID Card from being lost or stolen. If it is misplaced it must be reported immediately to Building Operations, Safety and Security. 

New Cards

  • New Faculty/Staff/Student must provides BOSS with their GU ID number, picture (soft or hard copy), and name details.
  • After having a pre-requisite, 3-4 business days are required to issue a GU ID card including the Library barcode and emergency details printing at the back of GU ID card.

Replacement Cards

  • The student/faculty/staff must report to BOSS about the loss of their GU ID cards.
  • Students are charged QAR 100/-card for the issuance of a replacement GU ID card.
  • Staff and Faculty members that persistantly lose their card may also be charged QAR 100/- for a replacement card. 

Family ID Card

  • GU-Q staff and faculty members can apply for ID cards for their spouse and children (age 16 and above).
  • Bring the following to Building Operations Office (LG36) located on the lower ground floor:
    • Copy of the Requestor’s GU ID Card
    • Clear QID Copy of the family member/s
    • Clear Photograph of the family member/s
  • The first issue of the family ID card is free of cost and QAR 100/- will be charged as a replacement fee for the lost card.