Paper Recycling

How can you help GU-Q have a more environmentally sustainable culture?


Don’t print unnecessary emails and encourage others not to either.
Include a message in your email signature like “Please consider the environment before printing this email.”
Instructions for email programs: Georgetown Google Mail

Photocopy on both sides.
For assistance in how to copy on duplex, please ask Don in the mailroom or the office assistant in your department. 
Instructions for duplex copying

Print on both sides of the paper.
Instructions on how to print double-sided


Use your old paper for scrap.
The office assistants will gladly cut paper that is used on one side and make it into small memo pads. Pads of one-side used paper are available in the office supply room.

Print on the other side of used paper.
Need to print a draft? Why not load your printer tray with paper that is already used on one side.


Put paper products in the recycling boxes. 
There are recycling boxes located next to all of the large printers and photocopiers. This paper is taken to Al Suwaidi Paper Factory in the Industrial Area. There, it is used to make cardboard.

White paper, magazines, cardboard, and newspaper can all be recycled. Please do not place tissues, plastic, or coffee cups in the recycling boxes.  

Recycle paper from your home as well.
Many of the Georgetown GU-Q staff housing compounds have paper recycling collection stations. If there is no recycling at your home, bring paper in from home to recycle at the university.