AV Projects

What are AV projects?

  • From time to time, the University may need to add class or meeting rooms, retrofit existing spaces or design new specialized spaces. These spaces will need a well planned project process that includes design, approval, civil work, technology and commissioning in conjunction with University’s colleagues, QF offices, external vendors, civil work and technology contractors and licensing entities.
  • AV technology is an important part of this process. AV technology can be unique to a particular space or a standard implementation if an existing similar space design already exists.
  • AV projects could also be for AV media related systems such as a recording studio, a language laboratory, an editing suite, digital signage system, flip classroom, a movie theater and other media systems that AV team could play a major project lead or supporting role.

How can I request for AV projects?

  • There is an annual budget for implementation of AV technology. You may want to speak to André Hajjar if you have a project coming up that requires AV technology.
  • If you have a project budget and would like AV team to be involved in the project.

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

  • You will need to have the project objective, budget (if any) and your department head approval of the project request.
  • Contact André Hajjar at 8299 for further discussions.

What do I need to understand beforehand?

  • AV projects tend to be long term usually of no lesser than 3 months to one/two years timeline before fruition of the project.
  • The project will likely involve different stakeholders including but not limited to colleagues, management, QF office, external contractors and even licensing entities. There is usually a fair amount of civil construction work, cabling and technology implementation and their relevant approval procedures in the process which may sometimes pose a challenge to a project’s progress.
  • While AV team takes an active lead role in most of these projects, it is important that you maintain participation of the project to ensure the end result is aligned to your needs.

How much time in advance do I need to make AV projects request?

  • We suggest you speak to AV team as soon as you can justify for a request. Budgeting, approval, technical design, stakeholder liaison will take sometime.