Events AV Technology

What is an event?

  • An event can be a simple session like a Lunch and Learn to a Public lecture to a complex Graduation ceremony.
  • The University holds events on a regular basis. These events range from private sessions like Lunch and Learn, Town Halls, Certification classes to public events like Public lectures to Roundtable discussions to Commencement ceremonies. Most events will require some form of AV technology support, oftentimes working in conjunction with Facilities team or 3rd party contractors.

How do I plan an event?

  • Determine your needs and requirements. Basic guidelines will be to understand the intended objective of your event, type of event format, audience type and size, location of event, presenter(s) profile and requirement, type of AV technology needed, catering, reception, parking, security and other considerations. Plan and book your needs with the University’s Events department. 

What kind of AV technology is available for an event?

  • Most events require the following:
    • Audio input, routing and output
    • Presentation input, routing and output
    • Lighting
    • Video conferencing
    • Assistive listening
    • Translation
    • Recording
    • Streaming
    • Photography / Videography (Third party contractors)
  • Different event type, event location, audience size, sitting arrangements, interactivity and other considerations will lead to different ways of setting up and using AV technology. Some complex events will need 3rd party contractors. You are advised to meet with AV team prior to discuss and plan your AV technical requirements. 

What if I need technical assistance?

  • For a meeting to discuss event’s technology needs, contact André Hajjar directly.
  • For event setup and support, please put in a HelpDesk request at GUQ Help Center

How much time in advance do I need to make for an event’s support?

  • Please put in a Help ticket at least 2 business days ahead for a simple event. For a complex event, you will need to request at least 5 business days ahead and if an event require external contractors, at least 4 working weeks ahead.