Telepresence (RPX) Technology




What is RPX telepresence and how may I use it?

  • The University has a RPX (Real Presence Xperience) system that is designed to bring a unique conference experience for the users. There is a similar system in the main campus and is use mainly for virtual classes and business meetings between the campuses.
  • We do not encourage a RPX to video conference connection even if it is technical possible. The result of such a session is not optimal in achieving a telepresence experience. 

How can I setup a RPX session?

What do I need to prepare beforehand?

  • None. Just show up! 

What if I need technical assistance?

  • An AV technician is on-site to your conference 5 minutes prior. He will assist you if there is any need.

How much time in advance do I need to make for RPX support?

  • Please put in the request at least 2 business days or more due to scheduling and time difference issues.