Banner Documentation

Banner is the student information system which replaced SIS+ (as well as Student Access+ and portions of Faculty Access+). Banner provides stable and secure support for managing admissions applications, student academic information, student account data, and financial aid information.

The Banner suite consists of three components:

  • Banner INB: A web-based interface for Administrators to complete data entry/update tasks and commit administrative transactions.
  • Banner Cognos: Georgetown University’s enterprise reporting environment that enables administrators to view reports of information from the student database (Banner INB).
  • Banner Self Service / MyAccess: This is the secure web application that students and faculty members use to view their information from the student information system. MyAccess replaced Student Access+ and portions of Faculty Access+.
  • Banner Document Management (BDM/AppXtender): The application used for imaging, storing, and managing student paper documents.

Please note: You must be connected to VPN in order to access Banner INB, Banner Cognos, or BDM. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. A VPN software creates a private and secure communications channel between your computer and the Banner INB, Banner Cognos, or BDM servers.

Requesting Access

After you and your supervisor have determined that you need access to one or more of the Banner system components, complete the necessary Access Request Form(s) from the list below and submit it to our data analyst, Doaa Hussein who will check the forms and submit them to the appropriate data steward on Georgetown’s main campus to help you obtain necessary approvals.