Cisco Jabber Telephone Software

Cisco telephone system is a robust communications tool and provides GU-Q employees the
ability to make and receive internal and external telephone calls.
In addition to Cisco desk phones, the Cisco Jabber telephone software allows GU-Q employees
to use the telephone service on their GU-Q issued Windows/Apple computers. Cisco Jabber
allows employees to communicate securely and stay connected with colleagues such as video
and audio calling and instant messaging, from wherever they chose to work and via any
supported device.

Signing-in to Cisco Jabber

Launch Cisco Jabber on your computer and sign-in to Cisco Jabber by typing in your NetID in the format and as shown in the images below.

If you are presenting with a Certificate verification prompt, please click “Continue” to verify the Certificate.

To Make Calls

Click on the Calls button 

You can either search for the person in the Search option or if you know the extension number then click on the Dialpad button as shown in the images below. To dial an external number through the Cisco Jabber software, you are not required to dial 9 before dialing the external number.