Laptop and Projector Checkout

What is the proper procedure for picking up a loaner laptop or other IT equipment?

OIT has laptops and projectors available for temporary use by faculty and staff. We are happy to provide you with this service as we understand the importance of being able to take your professional and academic work with you when necessary. Please review the following guidelines with respect to the usage and maintenance of this equipment:

Please create a ticket with GUQ Helpcenter to request the laptop or projector by clicking here to fill out the appropriate form prior to picking up the equipment. This will ensure that we have it ready and available for you when you need it. We understand that last minute needs arise, so if you need to walk in to request, we ask that you still complete the form. This will help us track and maintain the equipment.

Keep in mind that that the equipment is available for your professional and academic needs.

Please keep the following points in mind when using the loaner laptop.

  • The equipment is intended for short-term use. If you need to borrow it for more than 5 business days or you need to extend your usage beyond your original request, please mention this when creating the ticket or update the ticket appropriately to reflect the duration and the reason necessary for doing so.
  • For laptops: In preparation for returning the laptop, please ensure that all personal documents and information have been removed. Be sure to check “My Documents” and the desktop for any files you may have saved.
  • For laptops: If prompted to “Save password” when logging into your e-mail account or browsing the web, do not do so.
  • For laptops: Do not install any additional programs. Please let us know in advance what programs you will need and we will ensure that they have been installed when you pick up the laptop.