Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available for all GU-Q Faculty, Staff, and Students.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s enterprise communication tool. Teams combines persistent chat rooms, video/voice, file sharing, meetings, and many other features into one application.

Zoom is the University‚Äôs designated service for conducting business meetings and remote instruction, however, University offers a choice of communications tools, such as Google Hangout, Microsoft Teams.

How do I access Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is accessible via your web browser (, Android or Apple iOS device, or desktop client available on both Windows and Mac operating systems, using your GU-Q NetID. IT has deployed the Teams Windows and Mac software on all the GU-Q issued computers.

Setup Instructions:

Please find below instructions to assist with Teams setup.

Quick setup guide

Short videos to learn more about Teams

Open the Microsoft Teams application


Sign in using your Georgetown email address

Teams 3

Use your NetId and Password

Teams 4

Authenticate with Duo

Teams 5

Start using Microsoft Teams

Teams 6

Click on Chat

Teams 7

Click on new chat

Teams 8

Type the name or the NetID of the person you want to chat with

Teams 9

Start your conversation

Teams 10

Add more people for a Group Chat

Teams 11

Start your Group Chat

Teams 12

Click on Team

Teams 13

Click on Create team

Teams 14

Select a team type

Teams 15

Choose your privacy options

Teams 16

Add people to your Team

Teams 17
Teams 18
Teams 19

Click on close

Click on the Calendar Icon

Teams 20

Select the Time of the meeting

Teams 21

Add people to your meeting

Teams 22
Teams 23

Click send

When you start your meeting and you turn on your video click on this Icon

Teams 24
Teams 25

Select your Background

Teams 26