NAS Shared Drives

Departmental and Personal Network Drives

  • What are departmental and personal network drives?

GU-Q provides departmental network drives for university departments.  This shared space can be used by departments to store files to ease access for department members and to facilitate collaborative editing of departmental documents and materials. These servers are hosted internally at GU-Q and connect through native file server interfaces of Windows and Mac OS X, making them fast and reliable for secure storage of sensitive departmental content.

OIT also provides personal drive to each faculty member and full-time employee, accessible only to that employee only. It cannot be shared with other community members. Every employee and staff member will receive access to this drive.

  • How do I obtain access to these drives?

If you did not receive your university-provided computer with your personal drive configured, or you department requires you gain access to one or more of the departmental drives. Please consult your unit head to determine who is the data steward for the departmental drive. Have the data steward for that drive submit a ticket in the GUQ Help center system requesting your access. A technician from OIT will come to configure the drive on your computer as soon as possible.