Wireless Network (WiFi)

Wireless connectivity is available across the Georgetown University in Qatar’s Humanitarium building. Staff, faculty, students, visitors from other institutions and guests/visitors can securely connect to the wireless network.


Eduroam (educational roaming), is a secure, wireless internet service available at the GU-Q and many other participating institutions worldwide.

The GU-Q Staff, faculty and students can use this wireless network across the GU-Q campus and at any institution that participates in the eduroam service. Once your wireless device is setup for use at the GU-Q, it will work at any eduroam location. Further information about eduroam can be found at eduroam.org.

Click here to find instructions on setting up Eduroam on your device


DoHoyas has historically been used at the GU-Q as the primary means of wireless connectivity.In order to simplify connectivity for the GU-Q community, the IT department will gradually be moving staff, faculty and students to eduroam wireless network. Once everyone is successfully moved to eduroam network, the DoHoyas network will be retired. Initially, the students will be requested to connect to eduroam and use this network for wireless connectivity on their devices when at the GU-Q campus, followed by staff and faculty.

Click here to find instructions on setting up DoHoyas on your device


This is the wireless network for all guests to GU-Q. It only requires you entering an email address and agreeing to the terms of use.

Click here to find instructions on setting up QFLink on your device