Myers Briggs Type Indicator


MYERS-BRIGGS Type Indicator

The MBTI instrument is one of the best known and most trusted personality assessment tools on the market. It yields personality descriptions that provide comprehensive information about personal preferences, values, decision-making styles, and career choices.  Personality descriptions are based on individual preferences on four pairs of functions,  or dichotomies, identified as follows:


E-I:  Focus Of Attention

Do you focus more on the outer world of people and things, or on the inner world of ideas and impressions?

S-N:  Input Of New Information

Do you tend to trust information gathered from concrete and present details taken in through your senses, or trust information that is more abstract or theoretical, and that can be associated with other information?

T-F:  Decision Making

Do you base decisions more on logic or more on your emotions?

J-P:  Interaction With The World

Do you prefer a planned and organized approach to life and like to have things settled, or do you like to be more spontaneous and keep your options open?

Sixteen possible letter combinations, or personality types, are possible. There are no better or worse types; each type is unique with its own strengths and challenges.

To take the MBTI please contact the Student Vocational Office. 

For more information on the MBTI and the sixteen types, click here

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