Other Assessments

While no assessment will provide you with the definitive answer on who you are or what career to pursue, they are well worth exploring as part of a general self-analysis and as a means to fine-tune your career planning activities, highlight strengths and identify areas for development.


Occupational Interest Profile

The OIP provides a measure of work interests and personal work needs.


15FQ+® Personality Questionnaire

This questionnaire provides a comprehensive assessment of personality based on trait theory. Results describe an individual’s typical interpersonal behavior style, thinking style and ways of coping with stress.


Clifton Strengths Finder ® 

Based on over 40 years of research, this assessment helps you uncover your natural talents. Once you have completed the online strengths assessment, you will receive a comprehensive Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide that includes your top five strengths.

To take these assessments, you must first meet with the Student Vocational Counselor.  For additional information, or schedule an appointment, please contact the Student Vocational Office:

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