Campus Activities

New Student Orientation

New Student Orientation (NSO) is a week-long program that welcomes our newest Hoyas to the beginning of their first semester at GU-Q, and is held immediately before classes begin. NSO prepares the newest recruits through an orientation to college, team-building exercises, diversity initiatives and social events, all of which helps to encourage new students to reach their highest potential by empowering them both in and out of the classroom. Students can explore new ideas and concepts, learn how to get involved, explore ways of making a difference in the collegiate experience, and maybe even discover a new passion. Above all, new students taking part in NSO have fun and make friends that last a lifetime. NSO is entirely organized and run by student NSO Coordinators (NSOCs) and Orientation Advisors (OAs) that work directly with new students.

The Student Activities Fair

Also known as the SAC Fair, this campus event is a showcase of every student club, activity, and organization on campus. Encapsulating the Georgetown value of Educating the Whole Person, the SAC Fair presents a wide selection of dynamic student programs that foster leadership development, complement the classroom experience and give back to the community.

GU-Q’s thriving campus community provides students with a range of co-curricular clubs and activities to choose from in a broad array of cultural, academic, social and professional organizations. At the fair, representatives from these organizations - from student publications to sports teams to community development groups - provide an introduction to new students, and encourage participation.


Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night 2014

Hosted by the student-led Hoya Planning Organization (HPO), Open Mic Night is a chance for the Georgetown community to showcase their unique and often surprising talents. This fun event brings Georgetown students, faculty, and staff members onto the stage, with past acts including Bollywood dancing, acapella and instrumental performances, stand-up comedy, and spoken word performances. Great food and great performances bring in a crowd from the broader Education City community as well, and spontaneous EC student performances have been known to happen in the engaging spirit of support and camaraderie that is the hallmark of Open Mic Night.



International Ball

The Georgetown social event of the year, the International Ball is a formal affair that gives Georgetown students, faculty, and staff the chance to dress up and have a night out to celebrate the diversity of the Georgetown community. A unique Georgetown tradition, the Ball began on Main Campus in Washington D.C. over 85 years ago. Today this event, organized by the student-led Hoya Planning Organization (HPO) with assistance from the Office of Student Life, is held in mid-April. This function is an elegant, enjoyable, and meaningful capstone to a year of hard work on campus.



Georgetown Day

Georgetown Day is the annual University-wide celebration of our campus community that takes place at the end of each Spring semester, before preparations for final exams and graduation begin. Organized by the student-led Hoya Planning Organization (HPO), the day features food and fun for the entire Georgetown community. At the heart of this fun day is a sizzling barbeque to feed all of the hungry students, faculty, staff, and family guests. Members of our community take to the stage in a variety of performances, while moon bounces, face painting, and other fun activities ensure everyone enjoys the carnival atmosphere. Georgetown Day doesn’t just draw smiles - the fun and relaxing day of celebration also strengthens our campus community.