Title IX Working Group

The Title IX Working Group at Georgetown University in Qatar is tasked with making practical recommendations designed to raise awareness of Title IX-related rights and responsibilities, increase understanding of processes, support the GU-Q community, and contribute to a safe and supportive campus environment. 

Student RepresentativesFaculty RepresentativesStaff/AAP Representatives
Anjali Singh (’23)
Anam Fatima (’24)
DoHa Nguyen (’24)
Jeremy Koons
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Rory Miller
Professor of Government
Sohaira Siddiqui
Associate Professor of Theology
Trudi Hodges
Sr. Assistant Dean for Planning and Strategic Initiatives

Nicole Heinz
Associate Director of HR and Deputy Title IX Coordinator

Contact the Title IX Working Group at t9group-qatar@georgetown.edu

Title IX Working Group’s Guiding Principles

As members of the Title IX Working Group, we recognize we may be exposed to information of a sensitive nature.  In an effort to create a safe space for dialogue among the group, as well as to protect the privacy of individuals within the community, we agree to the following guiding principles:

  • We are free to relay relevant information discussed among the group to the GU-Q community; however, when doing so, we will refrain from quoting individuals by name.
  • In the event a member would like to share something sensitive with the group that is not to be shared with others, they will explicitly request discretion and we agree not to disclose the information.
  • We recognize that when general concerns from the community are raised with the group, we may able to identify involved or concerned individuals.  In those instances, we agree to respect the privacy of the involved individuals and will not disclose their identity to others within the group or to the broader community.
  • We agree not to discuss specific cases, reports, or individuals unless we are speaking privately with the Deputy Title IX Coordinator. 
  • If we are uncertain whether a particular topic, fact, matter, or document should be discussed or shared with individuals outside of the working group, we will seek clarification from a faculty or staff member of the group, or the individual who raised it, before disclosing the information.
Syllabus Statement

At the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester, the Working Group recommended and distributed to all GU-Q faculty a statement for syllabi to highlight faculty reporting responsibilities related to discrimination and sexual misconduct, and related resources on campus.   

For more information about GU’s Title IX and sexual misconduct policies and procedures, visit https://www.qatar.georgetown.edu/title-ix or contact GU-Q’s Deputy Title IX Coordinator, Nicole Heinz.