Policies & Processes


Faculty Policies & Processes

As part of our efforts to maintain institutional integrity, we have established clear and transparent policies and processes for our faculty. Browse all faculty related policies here.

Finance, Research, and IT Policies

Maintaining transparent policies around Finance and Research Compliance is essential to maintaining good financial standing.  To that end there are policies and processes governing

Budgeting, Financial Calendars, Procurement, Finance Contacts, Year-End Closing Procedures, and unified financial Policies and Forms including a Purchase Requisition Form.  Use of financial tools and procedures are explained in the Training Material & Quick Guides.

Before a decision is made on using a specific application for work purposes to handle university data of any kind, a security review has to be done for the vendor, the contract and the application in question. In order to initiate this process email GUQ IT Apps.

Georgetown University is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of its information. To better safeguard university information, all members of the university community must comply with the Data Classification Policy. Student data is protected by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, and for students coming from the European Union, General Data Protection Regulations. [Security Awareness Best Practices] [Computer Systems Acceptable Use Policy] [Password Policy] [Password Reset] [GU Information Security Website]

Campus Facilities Policies and Processes

The GU-Q building is maintained by Facilities Management.  Make a request at the FM Helpdesk. In case of emergency in the GU-Q building, call 4457 8458. It maintains procedures around access to the building and employee identification such as GU ID Cards Issue and Reissue Procedure, Issue and Reissue of Keys Procedure, Business Cards Procedure and Request, Parking Permit Procedure, Visitor Parking Request Form.

For the health of the building it maintains a Custodial Services Process and Schedule, Pest Control Process, and a Recycling and Waste Management Process.  Visit the Return to Campus website for information on building safety related to Coronavirus.

Access to building services are governed by Gym Use Guidelines, Gymnasium and Other Recreational Facilities Usage Waiver, Mail Room Policies and Procedures, Building and Departmental Storage Procedure, Room Temperature Guidance, and a Lost & Found Procedure.

Meeting rooms and classrooms can be booked for meetings and events.  To find the right sized room with the necessary equipment check the Room Reservation Table, and AV Support for Events By Room guide.  If you want a handy guide to setting up the audio visual and video conference technology, see the AV/Video Conference Instructions, or read the Zoom Instructions.  If you need help, click on Video Conference Assistance.  To use the Realpresence Classroom (RPX room) for meetings or classes in collaboration with the Washington, DC campus, read How to Use the (RPX) Room, and when ready, click the link to Book the RPX room.

If you are planning an event, please complete and submit an event request form to get the process started.  This will initiate a series of steps such as finding a room, choosing the best date, ordering catering, developing posters, and discussion around press releases and social media coverage. For additional assistance with events, submit a request with the FM Helpdesk,  email sfsqevents or call the events team at 4457 8500. [Planning an event] [Event Request] [Room Reservation][Tour Request] [Visitor Parking Request Form]

HR Policies and Guidelines

Faculty and Staff benefits and expected conduct is outlined in the Faculty and Staff Handbook which states that “to the extent not contrary to U.S laws, Georgetown University in Qatar faculty and staff shall abide by the applicable laws and regulations of the State of Qatar, respect the cultural, religious and social customs of the State of Qatar, and observe professional standards and procedures specific to the Qatar location.”

Employees are granted a number of benefits with their own processes subject to the Coordination of Benefits policy, including Dependent Education, Tuition Assistance, Life, Medical and Dental InsuranceLong-term Disability, Short-term Disability, Holiday, Home Leave Allowance, and Funeral Leave. Housing is provided under the Housing Policy. At the end of your service, there are several important benefits to be aware of, including the End of Service Benefit, Repatriation, Retirement, and Shipping policies.

Non-employees and spouses can get Net IDs to access Qatar Foundation’s Maktabi Portal and the GU-Q Employee Portal by emailing HR. Managers should submit the request for a non-employee who requires it for business reasons, and faculty or staff can request it on behalf of their spouse.

We aim to provide a safe and harmonious work environment, and as such maintain policies around employee ethics, Afirmative Action and Non Discrimination, Dispute Resolution for Staff and AAPs, Progressive Discipline, Gender discrimination (Title IX), Sexual Misconduct, Consensual Sexual or Romantic Relationships and Employment of Minors

Visit the Travel Hub before you book your next work-related travel, or if you need help booking personal travel. It contains needed information and links including funding sources, insurance coverage, health, safety and logistical tips as well as financial policies and procedures. Travel policies include Business Travel Policy, Emergency Travel Policy, Booking Group Travel, Faculty Conference Travel Policy. Faculty and staff travel is covered by ISOS Travel Protection.

GU-Q maintains emergency preparedness policies and procedures.  Faculty and staff are advised to program the following emergency numbers  into their phones: GU-Q Emergency: 4457 8458 QF Emergency: 4454 0999. Qatar Emergency: 999.  If there is an on-campus emergency, follow the Incidents and Accidents procedure and fill out the report form.

Building access is controlled by security staff available in the GU-Q building at all times according to the security schedule.  They check Access Control /GU ID Cards, Parking Stickers and Vehicle Access Tags, and manage untended belongings according to the  Lost and Found Property procedure.

You are advised to secure your belongings in the building in accordance with our Theft Awareness guidance.

We report on crimes and incidents in our building and with our community with the Daily Crime Log, in accordance with the Clery Act governing release of information about crime to the community.  We also produce an Annual Security Report.

In the event that the building needs to be evacuated, follow the Evacuation maps / Fire escape signs to get to your designated Assembly Point, or if you require assistance, one of the  Assisted Evacuation Points. Volunteers for the Fire Warden Program help manage evacuations.

Communication about emergencies uses the GU-Q Alert system of texts, emails, and phone calls. Please ensure that you update the contact information form with HR whenever you move or change numbers. Emergency alerts may also be shown on the GU-Q website homepage.

For assistance or to report an incident, email guqrisk or call GU-Q’s Assistant Director for Risk and Compliance, William Hopkirk. Office: 4457 8279 Mobile: 5019 8820.