Faculty Conferences

The Georgetown School of Foreign Service in Qatar organizes faculty conferences that bring together leading academics and scholars from around the world and represent a comprehensive cross section of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Faculty conferences are the culmination of a decade of achievement in Qatar through our faculty’s top-tier research, global research partnerships and our visibility and leading roles in international scholarly books, articles and journals. They provide a unique regional forum for scholarship on an impressive variety of critical issues spanning the ancient world to current events that are shaping tomorrow’s history. Conferences encourage an exchange of ideas among the world’s top scholars, provide thoughtful opportunities for education for our students, and engage local, regional and international audiences.

Our expansive multidisciplinary vision and exemplary reputation as a leader in cutting edge research means the institution has the leverage to draw a unique caliber of scholars to participate in faculty conferences.Through sponsored research projects, leading faculty and student research, and a prolific publication list, we are making tremendous contributions to global knowledge and the development of a strong local research community in Qatar. Faculty Conferences are where the world meets to share in that effort.

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Past Faculty Conferences


The Liberal State and its Alternatives in the Indian Ocean World
March 20th - 21st, 2017
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Qatar

Of all the earth's major regions, the Indian Ocean contains the greatest range of cultures, religions and political systems. More than 2 billion humans live along the shores of the Ocean and another half a billion or so reside in states adjacent to the oceanic rim: it is here that many of the key challenges facing humanity in the next decades will face their defining hour. The Indian Ocean is the fastest changing, most unpredictable region on the planet. The Liberal State and its Alternatives in the Indian Ocean World is concerned with the erosion of ideas and practices of liberal international order and statehood that have been hegemonic since the 1950s. How states, societies and businesses across the region are responding to these changes is the conference's core interest. At various levels the status-quo is being challenged- and in some cases appears to have irrevocably been superseded by very different types of social contract and notions of “order” and “development”. What are possible futures in terms of security, economic development and social cohesion for the region if the fabric of liberal order and statehood unravels? Is a new Cold War around the corner as both China and India increase their power and influence in a changing geopolitical landscape? Do the new illiberal politics play out very differently in sprawling big federal states like Ethiopia, India or Indonesia then in highly successful smaller countries like Singapore or Qatar? What is the relative weight of ocean-wide forces and interconnections, as opposed to local dynamics?


“Writing Women’s Lives”
March 20–21, 2016
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Qatar


The lived realities of women have experienced deep transformations with global changes in culture and technology. In the new context of the twenty-first century, while change has proven positive in certain ways and among certain countries and communities, the results have been devastating to others due to violence, war, economic exploitation and political oppression. These transformations have also led to an unprecedented expansion in the academic scholarship, paradigms and debates on lived experiences of women across a vast temporal and geographical spectrum.

Building on the legacy and success of its inaugural conference on “Arab Women Past and Present: Participation and Democratization” in 2006, SFS-Q is proud to host an international and multidisciplinary conference in 2016 with the aim of bringing together scholars involved in research on women and gender with particular emphasis on women of the Global South.


“Scapes of Power: A Critical Appraisal”
February 3-4, 2015
Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Qatar


The 10th anniversary faculty conference was organized to celebrate the remarkable milestone of Georgetown University’s 10 years of academic excellence and innovative thought in Qatar by presenting a sweeping appraisal of historical and contemporary examples of power expressed through cultural, social, economic and political institutions, as well as identifying and analyzing nontraditional modes of power that are emerging from the dramatic political shifts currently underway worldwide. A range of topics presented new ways of understanding how power has been used to control society from above, but also how it can be harnessed to enable change from below. The conference featured prominent scholars and academics from around the world.