Support Services

Office Supplies

Office supplies are available for faculty and staff on a self-serve basis in the Facilities Management Suite. If your needs extend beyond the basic inventory maintained, please refer to Facilities Management,Office Supplies page for procedure.

Mail Services

The Mailroom is located on the lower ground floor near the User Support office. It has a faculty departmental mailbox for incoming and interdepartmental mail. Our Administrative Assistants or Student Assistants check mail regularly and deliver correspondence to individual faculty mailboxes available in each Administrative Space of faculty corridors. Please refer to Facilities Management, Mail Services page for more details.


There are two departmental fax machines available in the Academic Affairs. One is located in the Administrative Space on the first floor near the Administrative Assistant's office, fax number is 974-4457-8231. The other one is located in the Administrative Space in the Faculty Suite on the ground floor, fax number is 974-4457-8261.

Copying Materials for Classroom Use

There is a black and white photocopy machine and a color printer available in each Administrative Space. Your computer should be networked to the nearest color printer available. If it is not, please see an Administrative Assistant who will follow-up with the Office of Information Technology. A color photocopier is available in the Office Supplies Room, which also caters as a workroom for scanning, binding, faxing and laminating.

Faculty members are responsible for abiding by the university's copyright rules and regulations.

Note on Research and Classroom Instructional Materials
In accordance with the Georgetown University Faculty Handbook, the ‘timely purchase and acquisition of textbooks and other educational materials for courses’ is the responsibility of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. As such, all purchases for instructional / educational materials must be approved in advance.

Ordering desk copies, books for research, and materials for use in the classroom: In view of the special requirements and responsibilities associated with sponsored funds, the Library will procure research materials and classroom instructional supplies (e.g. books, subscriptions, & other library media) on behalf of the faculty, when appropriate. This is to ensure that Georgetown remains in compliance with its agreement with the Qatar Foundation. All research materials and classroom educational materials may be used by faculty and special borrowing arrangements may be instituted to accommodate research and teaching needs. Purchases made through the library remain the property of the university and must be returned after use. Faculty members shall not commit to purchase research or classroom materials independently as reimbursement will not be approved