The Indian Ocean Symposium - 2018

Annual Indian Ocean Symposium

January 25, 2018

Oceanic Circularities

Arts, Ideologies and Identities in the Indian Ocean


This year's Indian Ocean symposium of Georgetown University in Qatar will take a closer look at how the immaterial and the material interact with each other and how certain types of political economy have given rise and have, in turn, been shaped by, ideologies, identities and social currents- from the Horn of Africa to Southeast Asia. How do legacies of socialism and enduring Marxist-Leninist inspired political projects mould the Indian Ocean's human landscape? How have artists and architects around the Ocean world expressed change and continuity in their environment and how has this influenced social and political debates? And how do religious connections respond to and influence different understandings of modernity and modernization in Southern Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia?


The symposium brings together world-class experts from across the Indian Ocean world to think through these and many other questions and to map out the oceanic circularities and contradictions that make the macro-region such a vibrant geography to study.