Marx and Lenin in Africa and Asia

Marx and Lenin in Africa and Asia


April 9, 2018

Georgetown University in Qatar


Marx and Lenin in Africa and Asia explores a number of new angles on how communist and socialist legacies have shaped African and Asian societies and states domestically, as well as their international relations. Their inter-relations –the ways in which African and Asian actors have influenced each other since decolonization and the 1955 Bandung conference- will be particularly in focus at this meeting.  Our workshop hopes to comprehensively map out the ways in which Marxism-Leninism challenged religious practices and institutions after decolonization, influenced foreign policy trajectories of even stalwart U.S. allies and continues to loom large in the historiography of war and genocide in South East Asia.


9:45 am      Welcome to all participants

10:00 am    Socialism after Genocide: the Left in South-East Asia post 1965
                  Speaker: Kevin Fogg, Oxford University
                  Discussant: Imad Mansour, Qatar University

11:15 am    Coffee break

11:30 am   The Engineers of the Human Soul’: Socialism, Personhood and Temporality in Mozambique
                 Speaker: Jason Sumich, German Institute for Global and Area Studies
                 Discussant: Rogaia AbuSharaf, Georgetown University in Qatar