Waqf Workshop Schedule

Day 1 - December 4th 2016

9:00 am                    Introduction - Amira Sonbol, GU-Q   

9:15 am                    Tracing Waqf: A Linguistic Approach – Yehia Mohammed, GU-Q  

10:00 am                  Waqf as a Pillar in Constructing Non-Profit Organizations– Munzer Kahf, Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies            

10:45 am                  From Destruction to Restoration - Islamic Waqfs in Malaysia and Turkey – Murat Cizakça, Karatay University, Turkey

11:30 am                  Coffee Break 

11:45 am                  Madrasa, University, and College: Educational Foundations in the Muslim World and Europe – Thomas Michel, Institute                                       for Arabic and Islamic Studies in Rome, Italy 

12:30 pm                  Vicarious Charity and Common Good. "Public" Foundations in the Medieval West – Tillmann Lohse, Humboldt University                                    of Berlin 

1:15 pm                    Lunch Break 

2:15 pm                    Transregional Comparison of the Waqf in the Premodern times: Japan, China and Syria – Toru Miura, Ochanomizu                                              University, Japan

3:00 pm                    Responsibility of the Supreme Religious Authority in front of Legal Jurisdiction - Mohammed Nokkari, St. Joseph                                                  University in Beirut

3:45 pm                    Waqf between Civil Society Flexibility and State Centralized System – Ibrahim Ghanem, National Center for Social and                                        Criminal Research, Egypt 

4:30 pm                    Wrap up Day 1

Day 2 – December 5th 2016

9:30 am                     Transformation in the Social Value of Waqf Endowments: From An Individual Decision Making Tool to State and                                                   Transnational Control -  Randi Deguilhem, National Institute of Scientific Research (CNRS) in France 

10:15 am                  From Sarajevo to Doha: Women's Waqf between the past and the present – Muhammad Al Arnaout, World Islamic                                               Science & Education University in Amman, Jordan 

11:00 am                  Women as Nazira of Waqf – Ramadan El Khouly, Qatar Foundation 

11:45 am                  Coffee Break           

12:00 pm                  Historical Sources of Waqf and Analysis of its Documents– Mahmoud Zaki, GU-Q 

12:30 pm                  Lunch Break

1:30 pm                     Introduction to Tracing Waqf Website

2:00 pm                     Brainstorming session

3:00 pm                     Break

3:15 pm                     Discussion and interviewing for the website

4:00 pm                     Closing remarks