Apply for NPRP

NPRP Funding Conditions & Timeline

The National Priorities Research Program (NPRP) funding cycle occurs once yearly, and opens for submission in the Fall of each year.
The main conditions of the NPRP funding program are:

  • The Maximum budget per year is $300,000 USD (Total Cost) for research projects of up to 3 years in duration.
  • The Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) must have minimum of 5 peer-reviewed publications.
  • The Lead Principal Investigator (LPI) and Co-Lead Principal Investigator must hold a PHD, or the highest terminal degree in his/her field.
  • At least 50% of the research must be conducted in Qatar, as measured in person-days spent on the project.
  • At least 65% of the proposed project funds must be administered by an institution in Qatar, and expended within Qatar annually.
  • Co-LPIs must reside in Qatar (But need not be Qatari citizens).
  • A Letter of Intent (LoI) describing briefly the proposed area of Research needs to be submitted online by the deadline to be able to submit a proposal.


The Timeline For Cycle 7 (2013-14) of the program is as follows:

  • Registration for Submission of a Letter of Intent: September 17, 2013
  • Last date for Submission of a Letter of Intent Submission: Noon on October 15, 2013
  • Last date for Submission of a NPRP Proposal and Budget: December 10, 2013. (Note: Research Plans are locked after this moment).


Application Process

NPRP applications are made through QNRF's online system.
The sections to complete include:

  • Title and Short Proposal Description.
  • Basic Key investigator(s)’ information and project roles (they must be registered on a specific proposal).
  • Benefit to Qatar: Description of the benefit of the research project to Qatar.
  • Resources.
  • Timeline and Specific Aims: A breakdown of major milestones divided by project personnel and year of the project.
  • Research Plan: This is a set template provided by QNRF. Failure to use the template can result in project proposals being judged as non-     compliant with minimum standards.
  • Declaration of Original Submission.
  • Publications.
  • Other Grants Received.
  • Ethical Compliance.
  • Miscellaneous Documents.
  • QNRS Compliance.
  • Budget.


NPRP Assessment Criteria

For the technical evaluation of each NPRP application for funding, QNRF solicits peer reviews from a minimum of 3, and a maximum of 5, qualified international experts for each proposal. The Peer Reviewers are advised to use the following criteria as a guide:

  • Significance (30 points maximum): How significant is the research in advancing knowledge within its discipline or across disciplines? How significant is the envisaged outcome in addressing priority issues, including Qatar National Research Strategy (QNRS), in areas that are critical to Qatar?
  • Originality (20 points): To what extent is the proposed research original or novel in terms of (as applicable): Idea/Concept?     Approach/Methodology? Contribution to knowledge or to the literature in the subject?
  • Approach/Methodology (15 points): E.g. details of whether the research intends to use experimental design, statistical methods, data collection and analysis). What are the project timeline and specific aims?
  • Qualifications of Research Team (20 points).
  • Resources (5 Points).
  • Budget (10 points).
  • Bonus Points:  for collaboration inside Qatar can be awarded to each project, based on the following criteria:
    •  2 bonus points for collaboration with non-academic stakeholders.
    •  1 bonus point for collaboration with academic stakeholders inside Qatar.


For further details and frequently asked questions on applying to NPRP, visit the Research Section of Georgetown SFS-Qatar Intranet (access available to GUQ students, faculty and staff only) and the QNRF website.

For guidance or clarification on applying to NPRP, please contact our Grants and Research Development Specialist, Ivanka Hoppenbrouwer, by filling the form below, and clicking the Submit button.