Student Research

GU-Q's curriculum trains students to rely on evidence to make arguments and conclusions about the world around them. In addition to their research in the classroom, students at GU -Q regularly conduct and contribute to cutting-edge research with assistance from faculty.


Silatech Internship

Researcher: Abdullah Ahmad (GU -Q ’16)

Abdullah Ahmad (GU-Q ’16) interned at Silatech. He researched the stakeholders that could potentially play an important role in the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jordan. This included governmental and nongovernmental entities that could help boost entrepreneurship in the country. He also worked on a policy process, which aims to provide assistance to the Jordanian government in implementing the most effective policy for entrepreneurship enhancement.


U.S. Embassy Internship

Researcher: Razane Cherk (GU-Q ’16)

Razane Cherk (GU-Q ’16) interned for the Public Affairs Office at the U.S. Embassy. She translated tweets from English to Arabic and vice versa as well as gathered Arabic news reports for the daily media round up. She also worked with the press officer on organizing a joint program with Qatar University to train journalism students.  Additionally, Razane wrote a report on a prospective International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) candidate, which was sent to Washington for review. She also put together the press release that was sent to Washington about the National Day event that the U.S. embassy hosted on February 22.


Silatech Internship

Researcher: Barbara Gallets (COL ’15)

Barbara Gallets (COL ’15) currently studies abroad at GU -Q and interned at Silatech. She translated an 11,000-word report about the business regulatory environment in Qatar. She also provided translation support for a project on the Jordanian entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Brookings Doha Center Internship

Researcher: Aya Makki (GU-Q ’16)

Aya Makki (GU -Q ’16) interned at Brookings Doha Center. Her main responsibilities included conducting literature reviews about the topics of interest to Brookings and providing regional news updates. Aya also compiled information about foreign aid to Jordan and wrote annotated bibliographies about foreign aid from the GCC.


Silatech Internship

Researcher: Andrea Quevedo (GU-Q '15)

Andrea Quevedo (GU​​​​​​​-Q '15) interned at Silatech this spring semester. She worked with business data from Qatar including both start-up and already established SMEs. She used STATA and Excel to formulate an expected business growth analysis by business sector and gender in Qatar. This analysis is intended to be replicated in countries across the MENA region. 


U.S. Embassy Internship

Researcher: Mohamed Sirelkhatim (GU-Q ’15)

Mohamed Sirelkhatim (GU​​​​​​​-Q ’15) interned at the U.S. Embassy's Foreign Commercial Service Office. One of his main responsibilities was to update the Country Commercial Guide (CCG) used by the Embassy to facilitate trade between Qatari and U.S. companies. This process requires a sector by sector analysis of the Qatari business market and all of the regulatory laws surrounding it. 


Symposium for Undergraduate Research

Researcher: Ahwaz Akhtar (GU-Q '16)

Ahwaz Akhtar (GU​​​​​​​-Q '16) presented his UREP research project, "Advancing Financial Education for Transnational Families," at the Symposium for Undergraduate Research at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., which took place in April 2015. Ahwaz's presentation included a screening of the video curriculum with a general discussion on the realities of migration in Qatar and the question of migrant welfare in the context of the GCC countries. Ahwaz's trip was supported by the UREP grant.


Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference

Researcher: Tehreem Asghar (GU-Q '16)

Tehreem Asghar (GU​​​​​​​-Q '16) presented her UREP research project and paper, "The Doha Paradox: Disparity between Educated and Working Qatari Women," at the Women's Leadership and Empowerment Conference, which took place in March 2015. She also presented the project's poster presentation on main campus in April 2015. Tehreem's trip was supported by the UREP grant.


11th International Business and Social Sciences Research Conference

Researcher: Fatma Marafi (GU-Q ’15)

Fatma Marafi (GU​​​​​​​-Q ’15) was invited to present her paper titled, “Gender Discrimination in U.S. Bank Lending,” at the 11th International Business and Social Sciences Research Conference (BISSRC). This work is based on her honors thesis. The conference took place in Dubai in January 2015. Fatma’s trip was supported by GU​​​​​​​-Q’s Student Conference Travel Fund.


Undergraduate Research Experience Program Competition


  • Sammy Hassan (GU-Q ’15)
  • Matea Malikanovic (GU-Q ’15)
  • Nadia Al-Khater (GU-Q ’16)
  • Sana Jamal (GU-Q ’15)
  • Khadija Mahsud (GU-Q ’14)
  • Catherine Lechicki (GU-Q ’16)

Six students from GU-Q were chosen to compete in the Qatar National Research Fund’s 7th Annual Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) Competition. As part of this competition, QNRF selected the best 25 projects among all UREP projects completed in 2014 across Doha. GU-Q had two projects under consideration and both were selected to be among the top 25. The students presented their work to a panel of expert judges on February 17th.  They were subsequently selected to present their research to the public on March 18th. Each student was given 1000 QR in recognition of their accomplishment.

Doha by Design:  Urban Planning and Social Spaces in Doha, Qatar
Students:  Nadia Al-Khater (GU-Q ’16), Sana Jamal (GU -Q ’15), Catherine Lechicki (GU -Q ’16), Khadija Mahsud (GU -Q ’14)
Primary Faculty Mentor:  Prof. Patricia O'Connor (GU)
Faculty Mentor:  Prof. Mark Farha (GU -Q)


Fostering Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development in Qatar
Students:  Sammy Hassan (GU -Q ’15) and Matea Malikanovic (GU -Q ’15)
Primary Faculty Mentor:  Prof. Mark Farha (GU -Q)
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. S. Thomas E. Emerson (CMU-Q)


Silatech Internship

Researcher: Atul Menon (GU -Q '15)

Atul Menon (GU -Q ’15) interned at Silatech during the fall semester. He co-authored an economic analysis paper on the effectiveness of microfinance institutions in Yemen. He used STATA and Microsoft Excel to formulate analysis from data provided by Al-Amal Bank in Yemen.


The Middle East and North Africa Writing Centers Alliance Conference


  • Nourhan Elsayed (GU -Q '16)
  • Layanne Malluhi (GU -Q '16)

Nourhan Elsayed (GU​​​​​​​-Q ’16) and Layanne Malluhi (GU​​​​​​​-Q ’16) presented their paper entitled, “The Purpose and Rewards of a Peer Tutor Program,” at the Middle East and North Africa Writing Centers Alliance in October 2014 held in Dubai. They were part of a panel, along with the Writing Center Coordinator, Bronwyn Bethel, in which Elsayed and Malluhi spoke about their responsibilities and unique rewards as writing tutors. Elsayed and Malluhi’s trip was supported by GU​​​​​​​-Q’s Student Conference Travel Fund.


United States Embassy in Qatar Internship

Researcher: Salman Ahad Khan (GU -Q '16)

Salman Ahad Khan (GU -Q ’16) interned at the United States Embassy in Qatar. He co-produced a "cable" for the Ambassador that detailed the rising cost of living in Qatar and how it impacted the locally-based employees of the embassy. The cable was subsequently sent to the U.S. State Department and later led to the first wage defrost for locally employed staff at the embassy after four stagnant years. He also filmed a video for the Public Affairs Office in the Embassy to showcase Qatar-U.S. relations and how the two countries are working together to achieve the goals of the Qatar National Vision of 2030.


Brookings Doha Center Internship

Researcher: Talal Al-Naama (GU -Q '15)

Talal Al-Naama (GU -Q ’15) interned at Brookings Doha Center during the fall semester. He researched the impact of international aid to Jordan's economy and United States aid to Yemen, receiving acknowledgment in the publications.  He also assembled the daily regional update for North Africa and Palestine, which is circulated to all Brookings' news subscribers.


World Congress of Middle East Studies in Ankara Conference

Researcher: Muhammad Bilal Shakir (GU-Q '15)

Bilal Shakir (GU -Q ’15) presented his UREP research project, “Environmental Sustainability in Education City: Green Beacon or Green Islands,” at the World Congress of Middle East Studies in Ankara, which took place in August 2014. In addition to his poster presentation, Shakir attended several panel discussions relevant to the MENA region, ranging from issues as varied as the Arab-Israeli conflict to the refugee crisis in Turkey. Shakir’s trip was supported by GU -Q’s Student Conference Travel Fund.


Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Sciences in Doha, Qatar


  • Khadija Mahsud (GU -Q '14)
  • Nadia Al-Khater (GU -Q '16)
  • Catherine Lechicki (GU -Q '16)
  • Sana Jamal (GU -Q '16)

Khadija Mahsud (GU -Q ‘14), Nadia Al-Khater (GU -Q ‘16), Catherine Lechicki (GU -Q ‘16) and Sana Jamal (GU -Q ‘16) delivered an address at the 2014 Undergraduate Research Symposium on Georgetown University Main Campus in April 2014. They delivered a keynote address on their UREP grant, ‘Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Spaces in Doha.’ The project, mentored by GU​​​​​​​-Q Professor Mark Farha and Georgetown Professor Patricia O’Connor, analyzes Doha’s use of planning and space, and the effects of those plans on social interaction.

Khadija Mahsud (GU -Q ‘14), Nadia Al-Khater (GU -Q ‘16), Catherine Lechicki (GU -Q ‘16) and Sana Jamal (GU -Q ‘16) presented their UREP project, ‘Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Spaces in Doha,’ in January 2014 at the (Re)thinking Global Connectedness: Critical Perspectives on Globalization at the Liberal Arts International Conference, at Texas A&M University in Qatar.

Catherine Lechicki (GU -Q ‘16) and Khadija Mahsud (GU -Q ‘14) presented their Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) project at the ‘Strangers, Aliens and Foreigners’ fifth Global Conference, held in Mansfield College, Oxford University in September 2013.  The project entitled, “Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Sciences in Doha, Qatar” is also carried out by GU -Q students, Nadia Al-Khater (GU -Q ‘16) and Sara Jamal (GU -Q ‘16).


Georgetown Environment Initiative Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship

Researcher: Carl Mattias Nordfeldt (GU -Q '15)

Carl Mattias Nordfeldt (GU -Q ‘15) was awarded a Georgetown Environment Initiative Undergraduate Summer Research Fellowship in April 2014. Under the mentorship of Assistant Professor Alexis Antoniades, Carl will use the $5,000 fellowship to work on a real-time pricing model for emissions that use satellite images and GPS coordinates to offer an innovative alternative to the traditional cap and trade model of emissions.


GU _Q UREP Project utilized by International Swiss-based NGO


  • Eilin Francis (GU -Q '13)
  • Aakash Jayaprakash (GU -Q '11)
  • Aminah Kandar (GU -Q '13)
  • Jibin Koshy (GU -Q '13)
  • Marlene Nang (GU -Q '13)
  • Qazi Rashid (GU -Q '12)

In 2013, Swiss-based international NGO, HELVETAS undertook the use of a curriculum designed by a group of GU​​​​​​​-Q students, namely, Eilin Francis (GU -Q ‘13), Aakash Jayaprakash (GU -Q ‘11), Aminah Kandar (GU -Q ‘13), Jibin Koshy (GU -Q ‘12), Marlene Nang (GU -Q ‘13), and Qazi Rashid (GU -Q ‘12). The curriculum was developed as part of a UREP project, mentored by Professor Ganesh Seshan and awarded in 2010 by the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF). The project entitled, “Qatar Longitudinal Study of Transnational Families,” found that migrant workers can learn to save more money after attending a short financial literacy workshop. 

HELVETAS is a non-profit organization that promotes self-reliant and sustainable development in 30 countries across Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The NGO is committed to making migration safer for workers. They will use the curriculum designed by the GU -Q students, together with other modules, to serve as a basis for the development of a specific training tool on budgeting and saving for workers in Sri Lanka.


9th International Conference of Communication and Mass Media

Researcher: Tarah Makarem (GU -Q '11)

Tarah Makarem (GU -Q ‘11) presented the findings of her Undergraduate Research Experience Program (UREP) project at the 9th International Conference of Communication and Mass Media in Athens, Greece, in May 2011. Prof. Alexis Antoniades mentored the project, which studied whether one’s background or branding affects perception.