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Georgetown Qatar workshops to support high school students

A Day in the Life of a Georgetown Student Event

In the weeks before the application deadline for fall semester, Georgetown University in Qatar (GU-Q) announced a series of on-campus and online tutorials and workshops that taught critical skills needed for successful enrollment in higher education. The training opportunities were open to all prospective high school and transfer students, and designed to help them achieve their academic and career goals whether they applied to GU-Q, another Qatar Foundation school, or elsewhere.“Navigating the university enrollment process isn’t easy. There are many steps involved, documents that are required, and a set of communication and interview skills that can help set an applicant apart in order to secure that coveted acceptance in the admission pool,” said director of admissions at GU-Q, Joseph Hernandez. “As our February 1st admissions deadline approached, we wanted to strengthen education in Qatar by supporting prospective students every step of the way.”The calendar of events included controlled writing exercises and ongoing walk-in office hours to discuss enrollment, generous financial aid options, student life, and planning for the future. GU-Q students and staff also helped grade 9-12 high school students practice filling out college applications and conduct practice college interviews through the Planet Georgetown program.

With future career paths a priority for college-bound students, admissions staff provided guidance on how to choose the right school and degree program, and introduce participants to GU-Q’s Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service degree (B.S.F.S.), offered in one of four majors, including International History, International Economics, International Politics, and Culture and Politics.Alumna Dana Khalid Al-Anzy, who was a two-time winner of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hammad Al-Thani’s gold medal national award for Academic Excellence, shared the impact of her Culture and Politics degree, saying: “GU has equipped me to be critical and introspective about complex global issues. It has taught me how to study with an open mind to global cultures and affairs. I now proudly call myself an Ambassador for Qatari youth at the Youth Assembly in service to my nation.”Deadline for admission for Fall 2019 is Feb 1, and interested students are invited to learn more at https://www.qatar.georgetown.edu/admissions.